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About Scott Alexander King

“oe kame ayinga”  – I see you 

“You are home…” These are the words I heard in my heart as I sat cross-legged on an old futon mattress weaving the web of my very first Dream Catcher.  The voice, which was clear and precise, was coupled with a dynamic bolt of energy; a flash of consciousness that illuminated by otherwise dark spirit, traveled through my stomach and heart and touched with magic all aspects of my very being.  I knew something wonderful had just happened, but I was more aware that something unknown lay in promise for my future, and me.  I had begun my journey.  I had found the path at last, even though up till that moment, I had been unaware of my search. 

Raised a strict vegetarian until my early teens, it was (and still is) not uncommon for me to have a menagerie of creatures around me at any one given time, but now that I have grown, after years of training, practice and experience, I am ready to share my love of animals with the people. 

In 1987 I began my training to become a Primary School teacher. I graduated in November, 1989. After receiving my first posting in June, 1990, I quickly realised that the kids the system had given up on responded favourably to my teaching style, and I responded well to them. You know the ones: the kids commonly labelled as ‘nothing but trouble’, the kids the schools put up year after year with the hope that they would leave before they graduated and thus became someone else’s ‘problem’. These are the kids celebrated today as Indigo Children and the kids I have always looked upon as ‘tomorrow’s spiritual warriors’. 

As an Indigo myself, I have been able to see animal spirits since a very early age (not ‘dead’ pets, but the inherent power of the animals that walk with us: the power that was once incorporated into tribal lore and labelled as ‘totem’ energy). 

Although born in Australia, my understanding of the animals is not limited to just our culture or land. (See also Feral Animals). I seem to have an inherent understanding of all animals – no matter which continent they live on. As a child, I would spend hours alone watching the animals – how they related to one another and their environment. I also relied heavily on my ‘feelings’ when it came to meeting new people. This energy warned me of deceit, rewarded me with promise and allowed me to navigate my way through a very confusing childhood. As I grew, this ‘energy’ took form, and I began to recognise it as being ‘animal-like’ in vibration – energy that I felt a natural bond with; energy that has never let me down. 

Today, I am married to the love of my life, Trudy – and with her I have three beautiful children. After moving from our small hobby farm surrounded by bush and native wildlife in Victoria’s Yarra Valley in 2008, we’re now located on five acres in the tropical Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, 30 minutes inland from beautiful Byron Bay.