AD Apothecary LOGOWelcome to the ANIMAL DREAMING APOTHECARY, where the Animal Dreaming Vibrational Essences are brewed and dispensed.

About the Animal Dreaming Vibrational Essences

Long ago the people lived in great intimacy with the animals and the spirit of these creatures.  They looked to the four-leggeds, the winged-ones, the creepy-crawlies and the cold blooded ones for answers, omens and spiritual guidance.  They assisted in the bringing about of harmony, healing and inner peace, and today this same knowledge is still sought.  Animal Dreaming Essences help us to once again connect with the knowledge of the ancient ones by making the powers of our Animal Spirit Helpers accessible to everyone.

AD_Vibrational_MistsThe Animal Dreaming Essences aim to help us realign ourselves on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.  They help us to identify negative traits and outworn modes of thinking which may hold us back or cause physical illness, emotional stress or spiritual imbalance.  By stimulating our subconscious desire to heal ourselves, and by communicating with our higher selves, the Animal Dreaming Essences help to restore positive qualities in our lives, by activating feelings of confidence, strength, tolerance, acceptance, inner peace, love and trust.

The Animal Dreaming Essences were first conceived in the picturesque countryside of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, in the year 2000.  Animal Dreaming Essences are made by invoking the spirit of animals from all over the world and, with their permission and assistance (along with a tiny sample of hair, a feather, a claw, tooth or scale as a catalyst) the vibration of that animal is captured and stored in local mountain spring water.  The use of the physical sample of fur or feather is vital in the development of the essence.  The physical sample calls to the spiritual body, with the emotional purpose in mind, bringing together and binding the vibrations so that the body, mind and spirit can be treated and healed in a powerful way with these gentle essences.  Brandy, which preserves the essence and stabilises the vibrational qualities, is also added.  Apart from the animal’s energy, no actual or physical animal body part is contained in the essences.  It should also be noted at this point that in no way has any animal been taken from the wild or harmed in the creation of these essences.

There are several ways of identifying which essence is best for you.  By simply reading the listed indications and linking them to your current condition or stage in life, you will easily find the one that is most effective for you.  You can read the list and intuitively choose the one that speaks the loudest to you – the one that most clearly resonates with your energy.  Alternatively, you may already have a bond or connection with an animal in spirit as a totem or guide, and you may want to choose the appropriate essence that corresponds with that animal, or you may have dreamed about or visioned a particular animal.  You may have physically encountered an animal, and you may wish to understand that animal on a deeper level.  Whichever way you choose your essence, it is suggested that you use no more than three essences at any one given time for best results.  5-7 drops rubbed onto the pulse points, 3 times per day is a recommended dose.  Alternatively, place the drops into a bath, and submerge your entire body in it.  It is advised that diluting them in such a large body of water will not decrease the effectiveness of the essence.

To better understand the vibrational ‘medicine’ of the essence you choose, refer to Scott’s book WORLD ANIMAL DREAMING that lists over 300 native and exotic animals from all over the world. The message offered in the book will help broaden your understanding of the spirit of the animal, while helping to anchor the wisdom and the healing properties of its essence.

The properties of the Animal Dreaming Essences are greatly enhanced by quietening the mind and connecting on a spiritual level with the animal and its symbolic qualities in silent reflection just before using them.