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ANIMAL DREAMING is officially approved as an accredited training provider by the IICT (IICT is underwritten by QBE)
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If you are unaware of what ‘Animal Dreaming’ is, and you’d like to have Scott offer an introduction,
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The Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is:

The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course offers

Formal Enrolments

January 1, 2024

Price $4,999.00

Official Commencement Date

June 30th, 2024 (Aust)

Practitioner Level 1 (Barn Owl)

What you will discover:

  • Nature offers a language that’s older than words
  • The Animals are ‘the voice of the Earth Mother’
  • Journeying to find your Power Animal and how to honour your Power Animal once found.
  • How to trust your intuition, to rely on it and to use it every day
  • Using the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards
  • Using psychometry, cloud scrying and tea leaf readings
  • Interpreting the symbolic meanings and healing messages of the animals
  • What the animals offer us as totems, archetypes and daemons

Practitioner Level 2 (Tawny Owl)

What you will discover:

  • Using the cards as a powerful way to commune with Nature
  • How the elements energetically influence our life
  • As the voice of the Earth Mother, the animals will present themselves in a plethora of ways, in the physical sense or using symbology.
  • Each of the animals has a message to share, and by studying the animals and becoming familiar with their ways, we will eventually come to see their ways as a language; a language that’s older than words.
  • We all have a set of totems that govern our personality and character, and our strengths and weaknesses
  • By getting to know our totem animals, we learn much about our selves
  • The Earth Mother is trying to communicate with us using Nature as her vehicle
  • Appreciating our life experiences as sacred lessons
  • The art of reweaving our life and awakening the soul

Practitioner Level 3 (Horned Owl)

What you will discover:

  • The implications of extinction
  • Animals we fear, Animals we show allergies to, and why we prefer Dogs over Cats, and vice versa
  • Animals as guides and healers
  • Smudging for healing, cleansing, protection etc
  • Choosing what receptacle and feather to use
  • The Wheel as a map of the four cardinal directions, their corresponding energies (the stones, animals, plants, colours) and the elements
  • The Wheel as a spiral journey deep into the core, the heart, one’s centre, to Spirit, unconditional love, and beyond
  • The light and shadow aspects of our Totems
  • The animal energies that mark our birth
  • Ancestral Totems / Inherited Totems
  • Creating your own Journey Drum

Practitioner Level 4 (Snowy Owl)

What you will discover:

  •  How the elements influence our kids (and adults as kids, too, in our own right)
  • The term ‘Indigo Children’, and what it means (really).
  • The history of Homeopathy
  • Common Homeopathic terms
  • How to make and prescribe your own Vibrational Essences
  • Invoking animal spirits to aid in healing, protection, and guidance
  • The fundamental principles of the shamanism
  • Invoking animal spirits as healing guides and mentors
  • Creating a healing space using herbs and other items
  • How to determine another’s primary Monkey Archetype
  • Harnessing the energies of the elements, plants, animals, and mineral totems as a kind of spiritual support team

Practitioner Level 5 (Powerful Owl)

What you will discover:

  • Setting up a Spiritual Business
  • Marketing, promotion and ‘getting yourself out there’
  • Social Media and Websites
  • Animal worship and sacred beasts
  • Animals, Gods and Goddesses
  • Mythical Beasts, Creator Spirits, Trickster Spirits and Teachers
  • Conservation, endangered and threatened species
  • The true role of zoos, sanctuaries, and marine and wildlife parks
  • The importance of education and becoming a Voice for the Voiceless
  • What is involved in becoming an Animal Dreaming Practitioner?
  • The responsibilities, expectations, and the role of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner
  • Social media, networking, branding and advertising

Practitioner Level 6 (Boobook Owl)

What you will discover:

  • The Creation of All Things and the Genesis of the Universe
  • Creator Spirits and the Ancestors of the Land
  • The Dreamscape, daydreaming, sleep-time Dreams, Lucid Dreaming
  • The Sacred White Animals, and how the prophecy affects humanity
  • Shamanism v’s Animism
  • Interdependence and our personal honoured place in Creation.
  • Interspecies Communication vs ‘Animal’ Communication
  • The symbolic language of the Animals
  • Earth Medicine and Cellular Memory and accessing Living Memories
  • Animal Dreaming as a way of life and a philosophy
  • Vision Quest is a time best used to allow the quester to be in sacred space

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