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1 - Mod 1The Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is:

•    The culmination of nearly 20 years of Scott’s life work as a spiritual teacher, author, workshop facilitator and public speaker
•    The bringing together of all his seemingly random, unrelated workshops and courses into one unified, meaningful journey
•    The fusion of shamanic lore, wiccan tradition, totemic knowledge and animist belief into one, fundamental, Earth-based philosophy known simply as ANIMAL DREAMING

From Scott’s notes: “Although heavily imbued with traditional Shamanic wisdom, I call my path ANIMAL DREAMING: a fresh, new approach to Shamanic lore that is easily understood and integrated into today’s modern lifestyle. Although contemplating the world from the two traditional and distinct shamanic perspectives: the tangible and the non-tangible, Animal Dreaming acknowledges, but rarely feels the need to implement any customary Shamanic ceremony or ritual (as such) into its implementation. It simply asks that we live an interconnected life with the world around us – to ‘walk gently’, if you like. Following a more ‘animist’ approach, its message is simple: Look to the animals for guidance, interpret their medicine or Dreaming messages, and incorporate the acumen obtained into your life and give thanks. The animals never make mistakes and if we can heed their example, we will never make mistakes again, either.

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Course Information

Practitioner Level 1 – Barn Owl
Practitioner Level 2 – Tawny Owl
Practitioner Level 3 – Horned Owl
Practitioner Level 4 – Snowy Owl
Practitioner Level 5 – Powerful Owl
Animal Dreamer Practitioner Electives
Course Handbook Subject List



2 - Mod 2People confuse the concept of Animal Dreaming with the new wave of interest directed toward Animal Communication, or the intuitive ability to talk to the animals. Although I appreciate and respect the concept, I am not a ‘horse whisperer’. I do not talk to people’s pets. I can talk to animals. We all can. But it’s not my strength. It’s not my medicine. Instead, I observe and interpret their tangible wisdom, demonstrated by how they relate to their kind, other species and their environment, and then integrate what they have ‘to say’ into my life. We are all animals – mammals in fact, and the understanding that we can communicate with the animals comes from the fact that we are all one. We all, ultimately, share the same thoughts. What I do looks at the wisdom of the animals from a medicine point of view. The animals understand their sacred purpose and they honour it, not to enhance their place in the world, but rather to demonstrate how we can enhance ours. The animals are tangible. They are real. Their wisdom is ancient and all embracing. When we begin to look to the animals for guidance, we begin to remember Spirit. Incorporating the wisdom of the animals into our life is as easy and as natural as breathing.

3 - Mod 3It is as simple as realising that if the Earth is our Mother, then perhaps we are her children, and just as any mother would want to see her children thrive, our Earth Mother’s love for us is no different. She supports us, cradles us and whispers her support to us every hour of every day. She speaks metaphorically. She uses symbols, and her symbols are the animals. My books, Animal Dreaming and Animal Messenger, were written as spiritual field guides, as interpretation manuals for the Children of the Earth Mother so that they may remember her secret language and once again look to the animals as equals, teachers, guides and healers. My workshops and seminars are offered as support to my books – to help people understand and assimilate the medicine ways of the animals into their lives on a day-to-day basis so that we may ALL heal and walk into the future united as a people. My readings, however, tap into the non-tangible realms by offering people the chance to recognise their innate animal aspect – their totems, power animals and animal spirit guides. I have been able to see, understand and interpret their messages for years, and it is with great joy that I share this ability with you.”

•    An interactive way of bringing the wisdom imbued in Scott’s books, oracle cards and CDs ‘home’ for those interested enough to read them; a way of making Scott’s view of the world personal and tangible to those drawn to explore it

4 - Mod 4It is also:

•    A celebration of his passion and love for nature and a way of confirming yours
•    A dedication to his love of the animals and a way of grounding yours
•    A commitment to the energies that instilled a sense of sanctity in his heart and offered him direction, hope, healing and purpose
•    An honouring of Scott’s personal journey; a lineage that includes Scott’s personal (two year intensive) training / apprenticeship under an Elder who, herself, was trained under Maori Elders, Aboriginal Elders (both men and women) and Native American Elders from Alaska through to Central America.
•    While Scott was taught many things during his apprenticeship, Animal Dreaming is his own personal philosophy: the realisation of his own medicine, purpose and world vision for peace and unity.

5 - Mod 5Scott writes: “In my writings, I refer to my Elder / Teacher as ‘Grandmother Dreaming Woman’ mainly because that’s her medicine; she’s a Dreaming Woman and although she’s only a few years older than me, she’s considered a grandmother. It’s a term of respect.  It doesn’t refer to her age, but rather her ‘ancient knowledge’ or wisdom. Grandmother Dreaming Woman was a huge part of my life and my spiritual growth. She helped me to understand many things about myself and the things that had happened to me. For example, she explained that perhaps I had, in some way, agreed to all that I had experienced. She was the first to suggest that Spirit doesn’t make mistakes and that nothing happens by chance. While I was with her, she literally pulled my familiar self apart with one hand, and rebuilt me with the other so that my true self could shine. It had never done that before, and the consequences excited me no end. I was with her from 8am until around 7pm. Some days I just read texts and other manuscripts she gave me to study, like ‘the Emerald Tablets’ or ‘The Terra Papers’, which recount the spiritual history of the known Universe (according to a native man named ‘Morning Star’). So, some days I simply read and asked questions of Grandmother Dreaming Woman as she ironed or cooked … but other days, she would send me out into the fields or the bush to Vision Quest. Other days we would time preparing the Sweat Lodge, and then engage in the ceremony for several hours. These days were particularly powerful for me; life-changing, actually. I met my Grandmother for the very first time in Sweat Lodge (she had been dead for quite a few years). She appeared as a vision. It was quite an amazing time during which time Grandmother Dreaming Woman literally pulled me apart so that, piece by piece, I could put myself back together. She was an amazing teacher. Although I learned a lot from her, though, she didn’t do anything particularly special. She would just talk about all sorts of things and I sort of ‘remembered’ what she was telling me. I can’t explain it any other way – it all just slotted into place.   One day, for example, I arrived at to her house to find her skinning a Raven (her totem). She was skinning the Raven as part of her medicine, and I asked “What are you doing?” and she explained that she was honouring the spirit of the Raven because it had helped her heal and that’s where her birth name had come from, so I asked her, “Can you explain a bit about that?” and she talked about totems and power animals and I swear, this sudden download took place and everything just fell into place. Everything made sense and I understood things that I haven’t even considered before.  I found myself remembering things that I hadn’t even realised I had forgotten, and I can honestly say that she helped me to find peace with myself and other people.”

It is not:

•    The ‘be all and end all’ of all things Animal Dreaming
•    The end of being able to do Scott’s workshops, courses and retreats for the sheer pleasure of doing them. You can still do any of Scott’s workshops, etc., for your own interest and enjoyment without feeling obliged or committed to completing the rest of the Practitioner Course. Some people may just want to learn to make a Dream Catcher with Scott, for example, without then having to commit to doing the entire Practitioner Course and, if this is you, then by all means … when you see Scott offering a Dream Catcher workshop, please FEEL FREE TO BOOK IN.