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About The IICT

From the IICT website: “The IICT is Australia and New Zealand’s largest modality membership base now with 750+ modalities welcomed. We offer the most modalities under one banner in the world and provide our members with several membership options to suit their professional needs. The IICT was founded in 2002 in order to offer professional standards and membership for all practitioners in the natural health industry. With well over 3000 members within Australia and New Zealand the IICT is one of the fastest growing professional bodies. Unlike some Associations, the IICT tailors to natural health practitioners who practice several modalities and wish to have the benefits of membership without the necessity of joining several associations for each modality practiced.” Read more:

The Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is now officially recognised by various complimentary therapist insurance providers as a MODALITY.

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A ‘Modality’ is probably best described as being a ‘therapeutic method or agency’. For example, ‘Reiki’ (as a ‘therapeutic method or agency’) is a recognised ‘healing modality’, as is Bowen, Yoga and Kinesiology. All of which incorporate into their training several levels of philosophy and training.

A ‘Modality Course’ is typically one that contains a certain number of levels with a certain number of lessons (or ‘modules’) per level that demonstrates and teaches the principles and philosophies of the Modality in question. The lessons usually contain a set number of theory-based components as well as a set number of practical lessons (or ‘workshops’). On top of the theory and practical modules may also be a number of elective units of study, both theory and practical, from which the student may be required to select a set amount to incorporate into their course.

Following this model, the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course includes:

•    5 levels
•    20 theory-based lessons (modules)
•    10 practical lessons (workshops)
•    15 elective units of study (11 theory-based electives and 4 experiential electives) from which the student must select 4 (of their choice) to incorporate into the course.

After successful completion of the course:

After successful completion of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, you will be recognised as an official Animal Dreaming Practitioner eligible for insurance through IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists) under the now-official ‘ANIMAL DREAMING’ banner.

Be aware that you can only be insured as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner if you’ve successfully completed the FULL Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course.

For those who have attended Scott’s three day courses in the past (at either Taronga Zoo, Sea World Resort or, as of 2013, Australia Zoo), or who have attended any of Scott’s courses, workshops retreats in the past, these events now form essential parts of the official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course. This means that if you’ve attended any of Scott’s workshops etc., in the past, you will be credited these as ‘completed components’ of the course once you enrol. It also means that you’re already on your way to becoming an Official, Certified Animal Dreaming Practitioner!

So in a nutshell, on completion of the entire Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, you’ll be eligible for insurance from the IICT as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner.

This is the ultimate Practitioner Course, and the best way to get closer to the animals, nature, and the wondrous being that is the TRUE YOU.