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Animal Dreaming is now a Certified, Recognised Healing Modality (just as Reiki, Numerology or even the Kabala is). Animal Dreaming is now a Modality in its own right.

The main difference between Animal Dreaming and, say Reiki, Numerology or the Kabala, or ANY OTHER modality for that matter, is that Animal Dreaming is Scott’s own CREATION. It’s his philosophy, his remembering, the wisdom he gleaned from the training he experienced under his Elder. It’s his own creation based on his lifetime of LEARNING AND REMEMBERING. The lineage of Animal Dreaming starts with him and his Elder and the training she enjoyed under traditional Elders throughout New Zealand, Australia and North and Central America. None of what Animal Dreaming represents has been taught to him. Sure, he trained under an Elder … but he wasn’t trained in Animal Dreaming. And now anyone who comes to him to learn what he know to be true can do so KNOWING that they’re safe to go out and share what they’ve learned with others.

We are also very proud to know those who choose to certify themselves under the Animal Dreaming banner, can gain insurance alongside Reiki practitioners, Kabala teachers or Numerologists who are also with IICT (of which there are many). And, to be clear, by offering our Modality / Practitioner Course we are not advocating that practitioners of anything SHOULD get (or need to get) insurance, because we believe it’s a personal matter. In offering this Modality Course, our main incentive is to simply offer our Animal Dreaming Practitioners a powerful CHOICE.

As Mary-Ellen Wallace Smith, an Animal Dreaming Practitioner, said recently when asked ‘why be certified and eligible for insurance’: “It only takes one sceptic to sue, and then you have to prove your word against theirs. And to be qualified means that a level of knowledge, understanding, competency and responsibility has been passed on. The universe provides and protects for those who are true. There is light and dark in everything. A tree can’t grow without both, and neither can we. Everyone uses some sort of protection: psychic, guides, clothes for our skin, shoes for our feet, a roof over our head. Insurance is a financial one.”