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1 - Mod 1

Practitioner Level 1 – Barn Owl

Subject Code:        MOD01ANDR
Subject Title:          Introduction to Animal Dreaming
Description:           In this, the first module of the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, we will examine the origins and lineage of Animal Dreaming. Potential practitioners need to develop and trust their intuition – without a shadow of a doubt – if they are to offer their clients the depth of understanding Scott has offered up until now and, in this module, participants will be offered a number of quality opportunities to realise, develop and trust their intuitive abilities.

Basic understandings include:

•    The animals represent a language older than words,
•    Symbolically, they are ‘the voice of the Earth Mother’,
•    The Earth Mother wants us to be strong, to be healthy, to be abundant and fertile,
•    By listening to the animals (as the ancients once did), we can heal every part of our life, and perhaps, in time, the world herself. If we heal our own life, and then teach others how to heal theirs, we can heal the planet.

Cost:                    – $150

Course Begins  – NOW – pay per lesson or for the entire level


Subject Code:        MOD02POAN
Subject Title:          Introduction to Power Animals
Description  :         In this subject, participants will study the symbolism and the meanings of the messages the animals leave for us. Participants will be introduced to the concept of Power Animals and Totem Animals, and will get the chance to discover their own Power Animal and the animals that are currently in their life and how these animals could be referred to as ‘Totems’

Basic understandings include:

•    The power animal is representative of the soul; an archetypal representation of a person’s life force, personality and character, their strengths and weaknesses, their hopes and fears, their dreams and aspirations, all rolled into one.
•    Journeying to find your Power Animal, understanding that you cannot choose your Power Animal as it chooses you, and how to honour your Power Animal once found.
•    The understanding that the animals can be spiritually called upon to assist us in almost every aspect of our lives is a realization that opens a floodgate of knowledge and power.  The animals each have a lesson to share and a sacred wisdom to impart.
•    Looking at your Power Animal from an archetypal perspective. Archetypes are personifications of universal energy patterns. They are patterns, traits and behaviours that we all recognize.

Cost:                    – $150

Course Begins  – NOW – pay per lesson or for the entire level


Subject Code:         MOD03TOAN
Subject Title:           Introduction to Totem Animals
Description:            In this subject participants will be introduced to basic intuitive concepts and activities. Participants will work through some of the exercises in Earth Mother Dreaming and will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of basic spiritual practices.

Basic understandings include:

•    The understanding that we are born with a pre-determined set of Totemic Blueprints that afford us a sense of unity and purpose. They represent our strengths and our weaknesses. They represent our power, connection to Spirit and our soul essence. They also symbolise our shadow side, or those facets of ourselves we are unwilling or not yet ready to face.
•    The knowing how to recognise when your Totems are wanting to be acknowledged, how to find them and how to harness their power.
•    How to read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards to determine what animals are working with you and for what reason.
•    Every single animal in creation has a message to share. Some call these messages ‘medicine’, while Scott refers to it as the animal’s ‘dreaming’.

Cost:                    – $150

Course Begins  – NOW – pay per lesson or for the entire level


Subject Code:       – MOD04TRIN
Subject Title:        –  Introduction to Trusting Your Intuition
Description:            – In this lesson, participants will look to the Earth Mother for guidance on how to trust their intuition. We will seek out, identify and learn to translate the signs and omens offered by the Earth Mother by participating in a range of activities designed to help us identify, appreciate and enhance our intuitive abilities and our willingness to trust our gut reactions and responses. Participants will also learn to see the aura, sense the chakra system and to use the Animal Dreaming Oracle cards to give quality readings.

Basic understandings include:

•    The natural ability to ‘just know’ has literally been bred out of us. It is now time for us all to remember how to trust our intuition, to rely on it and to use it every day.
•    Meditation is the general term used for a wide range of techniques for stilling the mind and bringing it into harmony. Meditation can lead to a raised level of consciousness. It heightens our sense of awareness, or attention, in a seemingly effortless way while enabling us to access our inner peace and wisdom.
•    The Animal Dreaming Cards represent the animals as beautifully illustrated portraits, with each animal’s Dreaming clearly interpreted within the manual that accompanies the cards.
•    The ability to test your intuition by participating in activities as varied as psychometry, cloud scrying and tea leaf readings.

Cost:                    – $150

Course Begins  – NOW – pay per lesson or for the entire level


Subject Code:         PRA01TAWW
Subject Title:           Take a Walk on the Wild Side 
Description:            Join Scott or one his State Representatives on a walk around your local zoo or another zoo predetermined by the Animal Dreaming workshop schedule. Learn more about the animals that share your city and gather stories about the origins of those animals.

By walking around the zoo and visiting the animals that live there we:


•    Discuss the status of the animals in the wild,
•    What influences are affecting their survival in the wild,
•    How the animals live in the wild (where they live, what they eat, when they’re most active, etc),
•    Share the symbolic meanings and healing messages of the animals in the zoo,
•    What the animals offer us as totems, archetypes and daemons.

Cost:               – $95 plus zoo entry

Next Walk       – Melbourne – Sydney – or Perth


Subject Code:        PRA023DAY
Subject Title:         3 Day Practitioner Introduction to Animal Dreaming,

Basic understandings include:

•    The powerful  totems of the ocean
•    How to use your intuition to self-heal and help other people,
•    How to connect with powerful healing animals

Cost:                         –  TBA 2017

Next Pract. Course –   TBA 2017