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2 - Mod 2Practitioner Level 2 – Tawny Owl

Subject Code:                 MOD05ADOC
Subject Title:                   How to read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards
Description:                     In this, the fifth module of the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, we will study the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards in great detail. It is intended that by the end of the module, all participants will have developed a strong and confident understanding of the Animal Dreaming Cards, their main principals and the many facets that make them so powerful as an Oracle. Participants will come to trust their ability to read the cards, knowing there are many ways to interpret them by not just having to rely on the message of the animal depicted.

Basic understandings include:

•    The Animal Dreaming Oracle is a powerful way to commune with Nature
•    The elements influence a great deal of our life, not just externally but internally too
•    By looking to the animals, much insight can be obtained on a day to day basis
•    Everyone can read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards. Being based on an ancient practice of reading naturally found items, the wisdom of the Animal Dreaming Oracle is available to all of us, whether we consider ourselves psychic or not

Cost:                      $150

Available:             upon completion of Level 1 theory lessons  – contact Animal Dreaming to register.


Subject Code:       MOD06LWYE
Subject Title:         Listening with your Eyes
Description:           In this subject, participants will study the symbolism and the meanings of the messages the animals leave for us. Participants will be introduced to the concept of looking to symbolic language of the animals by becoming mindful of their presence, not just in the physical sense, but also in a figurative sense by looking for them on billboards, signposts, t-shirts, TV and the countless other places they haunt.

Basic understandings include:

•    If the Earth Mother wants to get a message to you, she will.
•    As the voice of the Earth Mother, the animals will present themselves in a plethora of ways, in the physical sense or using symbology.
•    If the animals cannot physically show themselves due to one reason or another, they will leave signs for the observant: droppings, scrape marks, leaf litter, sounds, footprints and even eye shine at night.
•    Each of the animals has a very precise message to share, and by studying the animals and becoming familiar with their ways, we will eventually begin to understand their messages and, after a while, come to see their ways as a language; a language that’s older than words.

Cost:                        $150

Available:                upon completion of Level 1 theory lessons  – contact Animal Dreaming to register.


Subject Code:        MOD07SRTA
Subject Title:          Sensing and Reading another’s Totem Animals 
Description:            Ever since Scott can remember, he’s been able to see the animal spirits, totems, animal guides and daemons that walk with each and every one of us. We each have a Power Animal and totems that represent our innate strengths and weaknesses. And it’s this energy that Scott is able to see; to tap into at will, to see what’s influencing (both positively and negatively) the people that come to him for readings. During this modality, all participants will be expected to practise their ability to ‘see’ the animals that accompany all people, to interpret them and to offer readings and messages to other people. Scott believes that in order to become an official Animal Dreaming Practitioner, then the ability to see the animals is essential, and it’s here that we begin to transfer the ability across.

Basic understandings include:

•    Just as we all work with archetypes that govern our personality and character, we also have a set of totemic blueprints that sponsor our strengths and weaknesses
•    By getting to know our totem animals, we learn much about ourselves as well. We learn to appreciate our fears and limitations as sacred aspects of self
•    By looking for, identifying and interpreting the totemic energies we sense with others, our relationships can develop and strengthen. By tapping into the totemic energies of another, we get to know them on a level we may never have before
•    By tapping into the totemic energies of another person, we will be gifted with intense foresight; the ability to ‘see’ them for who they are, whether they be healthy or sick, happy or sad, working at their best potential or not, and so on

Cost:                         $150

Available:                upon completion of Level 1 theory lessons  – contact Animal Dreaming to register.


Subject Code:          MOD08TAMW
Subject Title:            Taking a Medicine Walk
Description:              In this, the eighth modality of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, we will step out of our comfort zones and into the wild realms of Spirit. By taking a journey into Nature, we will be offered the opportunity to commune with the Earth Mother in ways never experienced before. The concept of gathering items and interpreting them as messages may have been a common thing to many ancient cultures, but to us modern people, it represents a long-lost practise that needs to be reintroduced if we are ever truly destined to walk as one with our beautiful planet again.

Basic understandings include:

•    The Earth is our Mother and we are her Children. And through Nature, the Earth Mother is trying to communicate with us.
•    By spending quality time in Nature, communing with the trees, the stones, leaves, feathers, animals, birds, rivers, beaches and mountains, we will slowly begin to rebuild our once natural ability to speak to the Earth Mother
•    All things of Nature hold energy. All things of Nature have a Spirit. By tapping into this energy, we will be privy to the symbolic language Nature uses to talk among itself.
•    By opening our heart to the natural world, we will soon realise that we are not apart from it, but rather a sacred part of it … and by welcoming the natural world into our hearts; we will in turn feel the pull to return home to hers.

Cost:                            $150

Available:                    upon completion of Level 1 theory lessons  – contact Animal Dreaming to register.


Subject Code:             PRA03MYDC
Subject Title:               Make your own Dream Catcher
Description:                 It was once believed that by creating a Dream Catcher and hanging it above where you sleep, your bad dreams would be destroyed and your positive dreams would be allowed to develop, strengthen and possibly come to fruition. By acknowledging our dreams, it is believed that we gain in power by not only tapping into the energies of this world, but also that of the other realms

By weaving our own Dream Catcher, we:

•    Learn to establish solid boundaries; to only welcome those things into our life that promise to serve us well, and to keep anything that threatens not to out
•    Learn to acknowledge every experience we’ve ever had as a lesson, albeit it positive or negative at the time
•    Learn to reweave our life by stripping it of limiting beliefs and behaviours
•    Learn to see our journey through life as an awakening of the spirit and a strengthening of the soul
•    Learn to see ourselves deserving of only the best that life can offer and, by shifting our perception, begin attracting these things to us

Cost:                               $95

Available:                      TBC 2017


Subject Code:                PRA04LROC
Subject Title:                  Learn to read the Animal Dreaming Oracle
Description:                   While we may have spent time learning the subtleties of the Animal Dreaming Oracle; how to read the cards and how to interpret the elemental qualities, runic symbols and totemic qualities of the cards, we want to expose all participants to a hands-on, experiential opportunity to really get to know the cards, inside out. The intention is to offer the participants the chance to sit among other students, to share ideas, swap observations and to learn from physically working with the cards.

Basic understandings include:

•    the DREAMING of the 45 animals most synonymous with Australia
•    the sacred stories told with the intent of deepening your relationship with the animals
•    the true meaning of the KEYWORDS used to describe each animal’s wisdom
•    the SYMBOLS that adorn each card, and how to intuitively read them
•    the qualities and influence of the ELEMENTS that rule each card
•    the different Animal Dreaming spreads and how to use them

Cost:                               $95

Available:                      TBC – 2017