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The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course has been designed to qualify the student in all ways to practice as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner. It embodies the Animal Dreaming philosophies and methodology of looking to nature for signs and omens, living in harmony with the natural world as a medicine person, as well as reading, teaching and healing.

The course is divided into five levels, with four theory based modules (or lessons) and two practical components per level.

Students may study one lesson at a time, or an entire level.  The idea is that you work at a pace that suits you. Being self-directed and self-paced means that you’re able to complete the course without it affecting your other day-to-day responsibilities (like raising children or working your day job).

Programs of Study

The subjects listed are all essential core subjects of study that must be successfully completed to ensure certification of each level. Once all five levels are completed, you will be eligible for insurance through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner.

While eleven theory electives and four practical electives are outlined in the Course Handbook, only four must be incorporated into your program of study as core units. Which ones you choose is up to you. From the full list of (fifteen) electives we ask that you choose the four that most appeal to you. These electives will then become part of the overall Practitioner Course. While you may wish to complete all fifteen electives, the remaining eleven electives are solely voluntary and are not required beyond the core modules to achieve certification. Completion of all fifteen electives will only help to enhance your overall understanding of the Animal Dreaming philosophy while deepening your knowledge as a Practitioner.

When the Practitioner Course is complete, you (the student) will be ready to read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards on a professional level, read the signs of nature and the subtle energies of other people intuitively, offer healing either remotely or hands-on with the various shamanic tools and techniques taught to you, and share Shamanic wisdom as per the Animal Dreaming lineage. As an Animal Dreaming Practitioner, you will also be eligible for listing on the Animal Dreaming website under the Practitioner Directory.

Credit for Subjects Potentially Covered Elsewhere

If you have certificates, photographic evidence or other documentation (course notes, printed stories, legends, etc) that indicate you may have completed compatible subjects/methodologies/modes of study elsewhere (for example, you may have already made a Drum or a Dream Catcher under the guidance of another teacher / Elder), credit may be given so long as Animal Dreaming is satisfied that what you’ve done mirrors or matches the requirements of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course. NB: Credit will be offered solely at the discretion of Animal Dreaming, but all applications will be fairly considered.


Aside from a desire to learn and join the Animal Dreaming Community, there are no set subject prerequisites. A minimum level of written English is required for assessments.

Equipment Required

Access to a computer is required, as is access to the internet which will allow you to communicate with the Animal Dreaming Online Community (via Facebook) and your personal Animal Dreaming Tutor. You will also need your computer to type up your assessments and to do the research required to complete your assessments.

You will be provided with a 2-ring binder and plastic sleeves so you can store the hard copies of your Practitioner Course safely as you work through it.

Some levels and lessons may contain specific material and equipment requirements. If Animal Dreaming doesn’t provide you with the direct resources needed to obtain specific materials, there’s a good chance everything you need will be easily sourced through your local Spotlight, Lincraft or Bunnings store.

References Required

You will need copies of each of the following Animal Dreaming publications:

·         Animal Dreaming
·         World Animal Dreaming
·         Earth Mother Dreaming
·         Cheeky Monkeys and Indigo Children

·         Healing with the Animals (CD)
·         Celebrating Australia’s Wheel of Life (CD)
·         Meet your Power Animal (CD)

·         The Animal Dreaming Oracle (Cards and Guide Booklet)
·         The World Animal Dreaming Oracle (Cards and Guide Booklet)
·         Creature Teacher Oracle (Cards and Guide Booklet)
·         The Oracle of the Innocent Heart (Cards and Guide Booklet)

·         The Bohemian Animal Tarot (Cards and Guide Book)

All of the above resources are available online through


This Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is primarily offered by distant learning (correspondence). All students will have direct access to an official Animal Dreaming Tutor who will be more than happy to help with any questions or to assist with assessment topics and requirements. Students will also be offered direct access to the online Animal Dreaming Student Community Forum (via Facebook).

Attendance is required at all practical components (or workshops) to achieve certification for each level. There are two practical components (workshops) incorporated into each level. These components will be facilitated by Scott Alexander King himself, sometimes with a co-presenter, or by one of Scott’s fully trained Animal Dreaming State Reps.

As stated earlier, credit will be given where equivalent qualification can be proved. As this course is self-paced and self-directed, there is no rush on your behalf to attend the practical components. Just attend as they are offered, either in your own state or interstate. Keep an eye on the Animal Dreaming website for notification, and register yourself to receive the official Animal Dreaming e-Newsletter by contacting us.

The Lessons

Most lessons are designed so they can be completed in the comfort of your own home. For each lesson you will be sent a hard-copy of the notes (which will need to be stored in your course binder). There are four lessons per level, all of which are clearly outlined in a self-explanatory way with step by step instructions, suggestions and opportunity for feedback.

Each level will also have its own set of assessment (or self-assessment) tasks which will need to be submitted on completion to your assigned tutor for evaluation.

The Practical Components (Workshops)

The practical components are units of study that require you to attend certain workshops at various sites around the country. At all times, all students, no matter where they live in Australia will have an opportunity to attend these workshops in their own state (or interstate). For students living in extremely isolated or rural areas, some practical components may soon be available online (an option that will be subject to change with little or no warning).

For students in New Zealand, we will soon be offering workshops at a suitable venue on the North Island. Until then, you are welcome to attend any of the workshops offered in Australia.

For other international students, feel free to enquire about the course and participate where possible. Please email us if you have any questions and queries.


The course is split into five (5) levels, with each level containing four (4) theory-based lessons and (2) practical workshops. There are also eleven (11) theory-based electives and four experiential electives, of which four (4) must be selected and successfully completed.

Level 1 – Barn Owl
•    4x theory-based lessons: $600 ($150 each)
•    practical workshop 2016 7 Night Qld Cruise
•    practical workshop (Walk on the Wild Side Zoo Walk): $95

Level 2 – Tawny Owl
•    4x theory-based lessons: $600 ($150 each)
•    practical workshop (Dream Catcher-Making Workshop): $95
•    practical workshop (How To Read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards Workshop): $95

Level 3 – Horned Owl
•    4x theory-based lessons: $600 ($150 each)
•    practical workshop (Drum-Making Workshop): $385
•    practical workshop (Ancient Healing Day): $330

Level 4 – Snowy Owl
•    4x theory-based lessons: $600 ($150 each)
•    practical workshop (KIDS! 3-day Warrior Retreat for parents, teachers and guardians etc.): $440
•    practical workshop (AD Vibrational Essence two-day Workshop): $440

Level 5 – Powerful Owl
•    4x theory-based lessons:  $600 ($150 each)
•    practical workshop (Animals as Archetypes Workshop):  $220
•    practical workshop (How to Run a Successful Spiritual Business Workshop – with Maria Elita):  $330

Theory Electives @ $150 each

•    there are 15 electives in total.


-You can pay for the entire Animal Dreaming Practitioner course in one lump-sum payment. If you choose to pay for all 20x theory lessons valued at $3000, we will discount this by $500, bringing the cost for all 20x theory lessons down to $2500 – BUY NOW

-You can pay for 4x theory lessons in each level – $600 – BUY NOW

-Pay per theory lesson – $150 per lesson on a monthly basis. – BUY NOW

Payment plans are not available because the course is already available per lesson. The cost of each individual lesson is listed within each level.

Cost per practical component (or workshop) is based on them being offered in NSW, near where Scott lives. When they are offered in another state, and it is necessary for Scott to travel, the cost of the practical workshops will be subject to change without explanation according to the interstate location and venue chosen.

Course Costs are not subsidised by Centrelink or any other organisation or NGO.

Please note that, because the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is designed to be completed on a ‘pay as you go / work at your own pace’ basis, even if paid in full, refunds are not available after commencement of the course.


At the completion of the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, you will be eligible for insurance with the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT As a full qualified ‘Animal Dreaming Practitioner’, you will be able to practise all aspects of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course on a personal or professional basis. We have a series of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about how and why you might obtain insurance after you complete the course.

Please be aware that Animal Dreaming does not provide insurance as we are purely an Approved Training Provider under the IICT banner. All we do is qualify you to practise the Animal Dreaming Practitioner after which we refer you to the relevant insuring bodies.

So, to be clear: Animal Dreaming does not provide insurance for its Practitioners.


Although the Practitioner Course (as it stands) is not nationally accredited, Animal Dreaming is aiming to have this course accredited by official bodies in the coming years. The theoretical content is of a standard that you’d expect to find in any University Course, and the practical knowledge is current and practised on a daily basis by Animal Dreaming Practitioners all over Australia.


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