Animal Dreaming Practitioner Insurance

Gaining Insurance as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner

ANIMAL DREAMING is officially approved as an accredited training provider by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, aka the IICT, which offers professional membership and insurance for all complementary therapists, including Animal Dreaming and its certified Practitioners.

About the IICT

From the IICT website: “As an independent professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists, we believe in thinking differently and truly serving our members based on what they need. We accept all qualified practitioners equally and fairly based on appropriate industry standards for over 1,100 complementary therapy modalities.

IICT is the best fit for complementary therapists who practice multiple modalities, as we remove the need to join an expensive association for each modality. We cover them all for you in one simple membership, with guaranteed access to the industry’s most competitively priced insurance cover and no continued education requirements. With the world’s largest list of complementary therapy modalities and an international community across 39 countries, we invite you to join us at

IICT for all your complementary therapy practice needs. You can be sure that if you practice it, we cover it.


The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is officially recognised by various complimentary therapist insurance providers as a MODALITY.

Visit to see Animal Dreaming listed.

A ‘modality’ is probably best described as being a ‘therapeutic method or agency’.

For example, ‘Reiki’ (as a ‘therapeutic method or agency’) is a recognised ‘healing modality’, as is Bowen, Yoga and Kinesiology. All of which incorporate into their teaching several levels of philosophy and training.

A ‘Modality Course’ is typically one that contains a certain number of levels with a certain number of lessons (or ‘modules’) per level that demonstrates and teaches the principles and philosophies of the Modality in question. The lessons usually contain a set number of theory-based components as well as a set number of practical lessons (or ‘workshops’). On top of the theory and practical modules may also be a number of elective units of study, both theory and practical, from which the student may be required to select a set amount to incorporate into their course.


Following this model, the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course delivers:


After successful completion of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, you will be recognised as an official Animal Dreaming Practitioner eligible for insurance through IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists) under the official ‘ANIMAL DREAMING’ banner.

This is because Animal Dreaming, as a MODALITY (Practitioner) Course, is officially recognised by various complimentary therapist insurance providers.

All those who successfully complete the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course will be recognised as official Animal Dreaming Practitioners and will be eligible for insurance through IICT under the official ANIMAL DREAMING banner.

You can only be insured as an Animal Dreaming practitioner if you’ve successfully completed the FULL Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course.

By creating the Practitioner Course, we have provided protection and FREEDOM to our practitioners to practise freely … just as they should feel safe to do.

The very cool thing about seeing Animal Dreaming recognised as a An Alternative Therapy (and to see it listed alongside recognised, now almost mainstream therapies like Reiki and Therapeutic Massage is that Animal Dreaming is Scott’s own CREATION. It’s his philosophy, remembering, training … it’s his personal work, based on his lifetime of LEARNING AND REMEMBERING. None of what you’ll learn has been taught to Scott. Sure, he trained under an Elder … but he wasn’t trained in Animal Dreaming. And because of the IICT, anyone that comes to Scott to learn can now do so KNOWING they’re safe to go out and share what they’ve learned with others. We are also very proud to know those who choose to certify themselves under the Animal Dreaming banner can gain insurance the countless other therapeutic, alternative and spirit-based modalities being offered under the IICT banner.

To be clear, we are not saying one way or another if we believe practitioners (in general) need be covered by insurance. Instead, we are simply offering all Animal Dreaming graduates the professional courtesy of choice.

As one of the original Animal Dreaming Practitioners once said, when asked ‘why be certified and eligible for insurance’, “It only takes one skeptic to sue, and then you have to prove your word against theirs. And to be qualified means that a level of knowledge, understanding, competency and responsibility has been passed on. The universe provides and protects for those who are true. There is light and dark in everything. A tree can’t grow without both, and neither can we. Everyone uses some sort of protection: psychic, guides, clothes for our skin, shoes for our feet, a roof over our head. Insurance is simply a financial one”.

This is the ultimate Practitioner Course, and the best way to get closer to the animals, nature, and the wondrous being that is the TRUE YOU.

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