Animal Dreaming Publishing is the perfect alternative to getting published in Australia. Being an assisted self-publishing company, we encourage you to track and maintain control of your book through the entire publishing process, and confidently have a say in how the finished product will look. A powerful option for Mind Body Spirit authors, Animal Dreaming Publishing will be more than happy to help you birth your novel, children’s book or general non-fiction manuscript into reality.

It’s never been easier, safer or more personally rewarding to become a published author in Australia. We help our authors edit, lay out, print, market and distribute their books to their widest possible audience.

What makes Animal Dreaming Publishing different?

The reason Animal Dreaming Publishing is able to support authors who want to write about ‘spiritual things’ (or non-spiritual things) better than any other self-publishing company in Australia, is because Trudy and Scott – have personally been involved in the spiritual industry for over 20 years, as active participants. They’ve not just sitting on the edge looking in as a fringe-dweller, like most of the other publishers out there.

When you are immersed in something like the spiritual industry, like Trudy and Scott – the author of the best-selling Animal Dreaming – are, you get to know the people, the groups and subgroups, the ins-and-outs … and the target audience. When you just publish books, even if those books are destined for the spiritual community, you only get to know the industry from a superficial perspective. You never get to delve too deeply on a personal level, because you’re tapping into the world of the author through the author’s eyes, and how they perceive their place within it.

But the thing is, Scott is one of those authors. He and Trudy have worked their way through the industry, from the ground floor up. They have literally lived the industry. They have breathed the industry. They KNOW the industry. They know what it is, what it needs, what it yearns for. They know how to publish, brand and market the authors that come to Animal Dreaming Publishing because they ARE these authors.

Scott and Trudy know the industry because it’s their life. THEY LIVE HERE. They believe that’s why, as the face of Animal Dreaming Publishing, they’ve been so successful in helping build such a strong foundation, and why – they truly believe – Animal Dreaming Publishing is going to be force to be reckoned with FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.

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