We understand that you’ve probably got questions about the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, the levels, lessons and insurance, so here’s a few FAQ’s that may save you time as you wait to hear back from us with answers to your questions.

What is a Modality Course?

A Modality Course is a course that consists of a series of modules or ‘lessons’ relating to a certain theme, subject or philosophy. As a Modality Course, the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course consists of history, shamanic knowledge, reading and healing techniques, and business skills pertaining to Animal Dreaming. The combined whole could also be called the ‘Animal Dreaming Modality’. Animal Dreaming is responsible for teaching and qualifying people in the Animal Dreaming Modality. Once you are qualified, you’ll be an Official Animal Dreaming (Modality) Practitioner.

What is a Module?

A module is a specific unit (or lesson) of study within a Modality Course that allows an individual or student to better understand a specific aspect of the Modality Course. The Animal Dreaming Modality Course offers modules on animal symbology, healing techniques and totemic principles, for example. A series of modules makes up the Modality Course as a whole.

So if I successfully work through the set number of essential modules (or lessons), does that mean I’ve completed the course?

Yes it does. Making up the Course is a number of core modules or lessons (modules or lessons deemed ‘compulsory’) that must be completed, and a number of elective modules or lessons (modules or lessons that you can choose to complete if you wish to study them for your own interest) for you to consider. When you have successfully completed the core modules or lessons, plus any four of the electives (you get to choose four of the fifteen electives offered that most appeal to you), then you have completed the entire course and you will be awarded your qualification. You will also then be eligible for insurance with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT).

Can I do the modules separately?

Yes! You can work through each module separately, and at your own pace. The only rule is that you must complete each theory module in sequential order (you cannot ‘chop and change’ the course content)  Practical modules can be completed as they become available.

Is there a payment plan option?

Unfortunately, at this stage there is no payment plan in place. But you are free to complete one module at a time, and to pay for each individual module as you go.

Is this Course accredited?

This course will allow you to get insurance as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner through IICT, but it’s not nationally accredited.

Animal Dreaming will be seeking National Training Organisation Accreditation (keep an eye open for the little iconic triangular symbol on our website) in the near future.

If I’ve already done one of the practical modules as a workshop with Scott, do I need to do it again as part of the Modality Course?

No, you can claim credit for the modules (workshops) you’ve already done with Scott or Animal Dreaming on the understanding that you provide any relevant information about the workshops in questions (for example, we will need to know the dates, venues and state in which you completed the workshop, etc). If you have had equivalent training from another institution or under a different teacher, we will consider what you’ve done, but be aware that we cannot guarantee credit in all cases, especially if what you’ve done fails to match or compliment the teachings or philosophies held by either Scott or Animal Dreaming as a whole.

Can you give me an example?

Yes. Here are two examples:

Example 1: Jody has previously attended a Dream Catcher making workshop, made a Journey Drum and has also completed a ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ day at her local zoo with Scott. The Journey Drum and the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ were done with Animal Dreaming, but the Dream Catcher workshop was facilitated by another teacher outside Animal Dreaming. What can Jody get credit for?

Jody gets automatic credit for the Journey Drum and the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ workshop because they were both completed under the Animal Dreaming banner. With her Dream Catcher Workshop, however, we would need to view the Dream Catcher (by means of a photo, for example) and the notes Jody either took or received when she did the workshop to see if the teachings fall into line with the Animal Dreaming teachings and philosophy. If they do, Jody will get credit for her Dream Catcher workshop, but if it doesn’t, then Jody will be required to weave a Dream Catcher as part of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course.

Example 2:  Steve has completed the 3-day Animal Dreaming Intensive at Sea World back in 2009. Does he need to do the Intensive Course again now that he’s decided to enrol in the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course? He also did the Animal Dreaming Vibrational Essences Correspondence Course with Scott.

No, Steve does not have to complete the Intensive Course again. His Sea World experience will suffice. All Steve needs to do is present us with a copy of his 2009 Certificate of Attendance and he’ll receive automatic credit. The same goes for his Vibrational Essences Course, which he completed under Scott’s personal guidance.

Will I be eligible for insurance?

At the completion of all five Levels of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course, you will be suitably qualified to apply for insurance. Animal Dreaming is an approved International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) Training Provider. When you receive your Statement of Attainment at the completion of the five Levels and your certificate of qualification, you can apply to the IICT to receive insurance. IICT are underwritten by QBE, and they will insure you under the Animal Dreaming Modality.

To be supported and fully endorsed by Animal Dreaming, you do need to complete (or receive credit for) all modules (levels and lessons). Animal Dreaming cannot allow Practitioners to have anything less than all suitable and appropriate knowledge to operate as Official Animal Dreaming Practitioners. We aim to provide you with the most complete and informative training course available, and as we have a high expectation of the level of quality we expect, so too do we wish our Practitioners to offer only treatments and readings of the highest quality to their clients.

Aren’t I already eligible for insurance having done the Animal Dreaming Intensives at Sea World Resort, Taronga Zoo or (as of 2103) Australia Zoo?

While you are an Animal Dreaming Practitioner if you’ve previously completed any one or more of the Sea World or Taronga Zoo Intensive Courses (or, as of 2013, the Intensive offered at Australia Zoo), we’re sorry to say you are not eligible for insurance under Animal Dreaming through the IICT.

Some of you may have been able to get insurance under other Modalities such as ‘Shamanic Studies’ or ‘Animal Communication’ but Animal Dreaming (as a Modality in its own right) is now a category unto itself. At the time of having completed an Animal Dreaming Intensive Course at either Sea World or Taronga Zoo, Animal Dreaming was not an IICT approved training provider. What this means is that even though you are an Animal Dreaming Practitioner, you’re not actually eligible for insurance under Animal Dreaming through IICT until you complete the FULL and Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course, which totally recognises the Animal Dreaming Intensives held at Taronga Zoo or Sea World as part of its whole.

In other words, if you’re currently insured under Shamanic Studies and wish to be insured under Animal Dreaming, you need to complete the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course to be recognised.

Animal Dreaming is now a recognised Modality; a full Modality that has a traceable lineage, historical context, reading and healing techniques and acceptable business practices. To gain approval as an IICT Approved Training Provider, Animal Dreaming has been asked to ensure that you are trained in all facets of the Modality before you can be insured under it. This is why we have created the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course.

Do I have to get insurance to practise the Animal Dreaming Modality?

In a nutshell: Not if you don’t want to. But, be aware that without insurance you’re leaving yourself wide open and vulnerable should a client choose to take any kind of legal action against you. If you’re practising all or any part of what you’ve learned from completing the Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course without insurance, Animal Dreaming cannot support you should you end up in a litigious situation.

Am I eligible for Centrelink or any other student payments?

At this stage, the simple answer is ‘no’, but when the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner (Modality) Course is accredited (sometime in the near future), you may be eligible for Centrelink assistance then.

If you have any other queries or issues not addressed here, please do not hesitate to email us at by clicking here and we will do what we can to help.