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How To Make A Smudge Wand

Smudge is created with the help of certain dried herbs, including sage, rosemary, thyme, eucalypt, and lavender. Smudging is the ceremony that's performed when the smoke from these smouldering herbs is brushed around a person or a space with the intention of cleansing them, protecting them, and ridding them of dis-ease. A Smudge Wand is what we call the herbs when they are bound individually or together as a combination when green, and allowed to dry to create a hand held bundle that, when ignited, can be safely handled and directed.

How To Brew Moon Water

Moon Water is regular spring water that has been allowed to sit out in the light of a Full Moon; to soak up the Moon's glow, and to assimilate, creating a vibrationally charged elixir that is charged with lunar energy. Imbued with the additional power of the feminine creative force. Moon Water is often used to cleanse and consecrate sacred space and, when used as a mist, invokes a sense of calm, stillness, inner peace and gratitude. Anoint your temples before meditation, or before engaging in full moon rituals and rebirthing ceremonies.
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The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course

A once in a lifetime opportunity to train with Scott Alexander King as his apprentice. This is a culmination of more than 20 years of Scott's life work as a human, spiritual teacher, author, workshop facilitator and public speaker. The course will bring together all of his seemingly random, unrelated workshops and courses, into one unified meaningful journey. The fusion of shamanic lore, wiccan tradition, totemic knowledge and animist belief into one, fundamental, Earth-based philosophy known simply as Animal Dreaming.