How To Brew Moon Water

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Brew your own Moon Water

Micro Video Workshop
Posted Nov 2021
Duration: 20 minutes

What is Moon Water?

Moon Water is regular spring water that has been allowed to sit out in the light of a Full Moon; to soak up the Moon’s glow, and to assimilate, creating a vibrationally charged elixir that is charged with lunar energy.

Imbued with the additional power of the feminine creative force, Moon Water is often used to cleanse and consecrate sacred space and, when used as a mist, invokes a sense of calm, stillness, inner peace and gratitude.

Anoint your temples before meditation, or before engaging in full moon rituals and rebirthing ceremonies.


Accompanying the mini video workshop is a pdf download of some crystals and herbs that may be included in the Moon Water brewing process, with explanations of how and why.


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