FAQ's for the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course

The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is for everyone – anyone of any age *, walk of life, nationality, gender … everyone! All that matters is that you love animals, Nature, and the Earth Mother, and that, with them and for them, you yearn to make a difference.

* NB: The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course isn’t really designed for kids or young people under the age of 16. The reason is that a lot of the concepts could be described as obscure or abstract in nature, in particular the inner journeys and shadow work that may be required. Not to mention the other realms and ‘in-between’ spaces the lessons can take you to. In saying that though if, when you enrol, your child asks if they can join in, that’s fine … so long as you understand that they can’t be certified as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner.

If you have an interest in understanding the medicine or symbolic ways of the animal kingdom, and you’re keen to understand how that symbology can affect your life in a positive way, then this course is for you!

All kinds! Seriously! Scott has had everyone from regular members of the community to Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Healers, Alternative and Complimentary Health Therapists, Card Readers, Angel Intuitives and Animal Communicators and Channellers, to Forensic Police Officers, Veterinarians, Zookeepers, Wildlife Rescuers and Laboratory Technicians attend his workshops and courses in the past. Essentially, all kinds of people would find the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course enlightening, because of their passion for animals, their desire to make a difference to the world we live in, and their connection to Spirit.

In short:

  • Everyone is welcome! Including you!
  • You don’t have to follow any particular spiritual path to enrol.
  • You don’t have to work with animals to enrol.
  • You don’t even have to work with other members of the public in any capacity to enrol.
  • You just need to feel a desire to heal, learn, and remember, with the ultimate goal of making a positive difference to your life and that of those you hold close.

If you feel you have a ‘bigger-picture’ role in giving a Voice to the Voiceless; if you truly believe you’re here to make a difference to the planet, and you’re determined to leave your mark, the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course will give you the tools needed to not only heal your relationship with the Earth Mother and Nature, but also enhance your own spiritual path by shifting your perception and focusing your intentions, as well as providing the fundamental steps toward establishing your own healing and teaching practice that could, with dedication and patience, manifest an income for you as a qualified, recognised Animal Dreaming Practitioner. But, if you’re already building a Spiritual Business on your own terms (as a reader, healer, or Animal Communicator, for example), the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course will simply add another feather to your bow … or enhance the bow you already have. A lot of what is taught during the Course could easily be incorporated into your business, as an integrated extra or an enhancement of what you already provide.

It’s like knocking over a line of dominoes … one thing leads to another.

Attending the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course will invite you to look at aspects of your own life, your own behaviour, and the reasons

for why you do what you do. The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is not just a learning platform … it’s also a deeply moving, healing, revealing journey that will act as a mirror, a counsellor, and a Spiritual Guide. It’s essentially a map that will lead you home, back to your authentic self. By focusing first on the sacred space, you hold in this lifetime, and the healing that journey will offer you in a personal level; by helping yourself first, you’ll find that you’re more equipped spiritually, emotionally, and consciously equipped to help others.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate of attendance that will certify you as an Animal Dreaming Graduate, and an exclusive tile for your website and social media sporting the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course logo that brands you as a certified Graduate. This certificate and logo tile will empower you to not only practice what you’ve learned in your own life, but also to show others how they can do the same. You will be qualified to:

  • Read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards for yourself, your friends and paying clients as a recognised, trained Animal Dreaming Practitioner
  • Run your own Animal Dreaming workshops based on what you learned during the course
  • Offer your own Animal Dreaming experiences, like Zoo Walks and meditation classes
  • Gain insurance as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner with the backing of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (the IICT / www.myiict.com)
  • You will also enjoy continued support and further training opportunities under Scott Alexander King and Animal Dreaming.


Also, everyone who graduates from the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is invited to return the following year, to enrol a second time, perhaps as a refresher or as a way of fully integrating what

you learned the first time ’round at no charge! Yes, that’s right! You’ll be invited to re-enrol for a second time ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Sometimes, when trying to answer questions like this, it’s best to ask someone who knows the answer; someone who has experienced, firsthand, the benefits of attending an Animal Dreaming Course like this one:


The way I look at Animals and nature has completely changed since attending an event with Scott.


Living on the land as a sheep farmer in Outback New South Wales, I once considered animals like Kangaroos, Rabbits, Foxes, Wild Dogs, Goats, Crows and Pigs as pests that needed to be dealt with.


Little did I understand, though, that these animals were acting as messengers, offering me guidance from Spirit.

Scott’s books, especially his Australian Animal Dreaming book, is now my go-to-guide when an animal, reptile, bird or insect crosses my path. When once I dismissed certain animals as pests, today I immediately seek out their message, and integrate what they have to say into my life.


I love attending Scott’s courses and workshops, as he attracts the most fantastic, like-minded people. Many of the people I have met so far have become my lifelong friends.


Today, as a sheep farmer who now works with her land, my belief is … if everyone took the time to understand the animals and their habits, and why they are all needed on this planet, the people of the world would learn to co-exist in perfect harmony”.


– JC, Whitecliffs, NSW, Australia

  1. Enrolment:
  • The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is offered annually, following a June – June format.
  • There are no perequisites or previous experience required to enrol. This Course is available to everyone, no matter what your perceived level of understanding.
  • Enrolments in the 2024 Course will be welcomed from January 1, 2024.
  • Opportunity to enrol in the 2024 Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course ends on June 29, 2024
  • The 2024 Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course formally commences on June 30, 2024
  • Anyone wanting to enrol after the start date will not be admitted.
  • Being that the Course runs for a total of 12 months, anyone wishing to enrol after the 2024 commencement date will be required wait until the next round of enrolments are welcomed in January 2025.
  • Enrolments after the commencement date will not be accepted. No enrolments will be allowed, and no payments will be accepted until the 2025 books are opened.
  1. How do I receive my course content? When do I receive my lessons?
  • The course content will be automatically unlocked and released as you progress through the modules, lesson by lesson.
  • Your progress will be monitored, meaning you will not be able to jump forward in the course at will.
  • All participants will proceed at the same pace, together, as a unified whole.
  • As you complete each lesson, the release of the next lesson will be triggered automatically.
  • You will work on Course lessons through the Animal Dreaming website as a ‘user’. All you need to do to access the material is log into your account! Easy!
  • Completing each level in turn is essential to realising your graduation. You will not be able to skip, miss or replace a lesson for any reason, or to submit or offer knowledge gained from another teacher, course or workshop as an alternative to completing a lesson (even if you’ve personally touched on the same or similar content during a previous course, workshop or retreat facilitated by Scott himself).
  1. How is my progress assessed? Are there any assignments or projects that I will be required to complete as part of my overall assessment?
  • While the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course does not involve any formal exams or standardised forms of testing, you will be required to submit up to three essential assessment activities per level (all of which will be personally appraised by Scott Alexander King), as well as several self-assessments that are designed to help you self-monitor your progress and content understanding.
    1. Are there unlimited spaces available for people wanting to enrol in the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course?
In short … no. Spaces are limited due largely to Scott’s desire to guarantee every enrolee an equal share of his attention and guidance. You can imagine the difference between trying to stretch his level of care between, say, 100 students as opposed to only needing to focus on the needs of 50 …

The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course constitutes:

  • 6 SEQUENTIAL LEVELS of Online Learning
  • 24 MODULES (aka ‘LESSONS’)
  • 6 LIVE 2hr COURSE LEVEL CONTENT WEBINARS facilitated by Scott Alexander King
  • 6 LIVE 2hr ZOOM DEBRIEF CATCHUP MEETINGS, facilitated by Scott Alexander King OR a Certified Practitioner
  • 14 PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS, recorded by Scott Alexander King
  • 11 AUDIO DOWNLOADS, recorded by Scott Alexander King featuring the music of Sacred Earth Music
  • Written ASSESSMENTS – personally assessed by Scott Alexander King
  • Invitation to exclusive private Facebook group

Once enrolled, you will be invited to join the private Animal Dreaming Practitioner Facebook group.

If you’re not on Facebook, however, and you still want to be invited to join our online student hub, you will need to either sign up, or add yourself by using a trusted friend or family member’s account. If you choose to join using someone else’s account, you’ll need to make your choice known to Animal Dreaming ahead of time by emailing courses @ animaldreaming.com.

It’s here, in the private Facebook group, that you will be encouraged to ask questions of Scott, seek support from your fellow students, share experiences, compare notes, and offer thoughts, share ideas, and request further feedback if required.

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