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90 minute in-person workshop

Messages from the
Animal Spirit

In-person workshop with
Scott Alexander King

Live In London

Want to know what your animal totem, spirit guide or Patronus is?

Find out, and receive their unique message for you, at this in-person demonstration at the College with Scott Alexander King. 

We are each accompanied by spirit animals. However, only a few of us can see them. One of those few is Scott Alexander King. He has seen animal spirits since he was eight years old. He consults the totems, animal spirit guides, or ‘power animals’ that walk with the people he meets. They tell him much about the people they accompany, including their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires.

Sometimes these animal spirits manifest as loved ones in Spirit. When Scott sees a passed over loved one, for example, they will show themselves in animal form; an animal archetype that best captures their true essence.

So, do not be surprised if Scott describes your dad as a Bear, your son as a Monkey, or your aunt as a Snow Leopard… it is his way, and it is exciting.

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Price: £24.00

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90 minutes

In person with Scott Alexander King

Not everyone at this demonstration will receive a reading. It is just not possible within the time.

The messages given, however, often flow over to those who have not received one, thus ‘making sense’ to not just the intended recipient, but also other members of the audience.

Remember, those who are meant to receive a reading will receive one.

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