A 1.5 hour online gallery-style demonstration facilitated by Animal Dreaming’s Scott Alexander King, Australia’s only professional Zoomancer*.

Messages from the Animals

Scott has proven over and over again that, when the Earth Mother has something pressing to share with you, she will send an Animal Messenger who is energetically equipped to translate and deliver her message.

During this event, participants will recount stories of the animals they have physically encountered and the animal experiences they’ve enjoyed in dreams, visions or meditations, after which I will interpret the messages offered during these deeply personal, life-affirming, healing encounters.

Please be aware that, depending on attendee numbers, it may not be possible for Scott to interpret everyone’s encounters. He will do his best, but if he cannot get to everyone, rest assured (based on Scott’s experiences from previous gallery readings he’s hosted) you will get a lot out of hearing Scott interpret the encounters enjoyed by the other attendees. And that’s because, often, you will have enjoyed your own encounters with the same animals over the years, and you’ll find that (miraculously) many of the messages will fit.

Cost: AU$55 per person

When: Saturday November 5, 2022
Time: 10:00am - 11:30am AEDT

Spaces are limited so don't miss out!

What is a Zoomancer?

* A Zoomancer is an individual who is able to divine the future path of another person based on the animals they've encountered (by chance) leading up to their meeting.

Turns out you can't attend live?

No problem!
The webinar will be recorded, and a link
to view the recording will be emailed to you to watch the very next day!

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