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Spirit Totem Animal Readings with Scott Alexander King

With almost 25 years professional experience behind him, Scott has developed the ability to relay the messages and gifts of wisdom from the Animal Spirit world to you, the seeker. Scott’s readings offer solace, insight, guidance, and healing, especially when going through change or dealing with the challenges of life.

Scott has come to the realisation that the animal spirits he sees can be seen as archetypal, externalised representations of our soul, personality, and character that mirror aspects for which we are grieving, that need healing, or require attention.

By calling upon the archetypal qualities of the spirit animals, animal spirit guides and / or totems that are currently walking with you, Scott can confidently pinpoint exactly what needs to be done, how, when and why.

Whether you’re looking for direction in your private, spiritual or professional arenas of life, or you’re just curious to know who and what’s walking with you and what the spirits have to say, Scott’s readings are designed to help you get to the heart of any matter.

What’s interesting is that, on occasion, your loved ones in Spirit may decide to come through and make themselves known to him and, when they do, they’ll typically show themselves in the guise of an animal. They do this, not because they believe Scott will be more comfortable with them in that form, but rather to demonstrate their true character, personality, energetic blueprint, purpose or message.

By seeing them in animal-form, and by checking for familiar clues unique to them that betray their true identity, they know Scott will be immediately able to lock in on who they are, why they’ve come and what they want to say.

So, even if you’re not an ‘animal lover’ as such, or if you’ve never owned a pet, join Scott as he brings forth a veritable menagerie of the world’s most exotic animals – all imbued with messages of love from the Spirit World.

You may be surprised to discover that you have a small hoard of animals waiting to offer you guidance, insight and healing without ever realising it!

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