Savour Your Life!

A three hour online workshop

In Gratitude, Mindfulness, Prayer and Giving Thanks,
with Meadow Linn in Sacramento USA
and Scott Alexander King in New South Wales, Australia

A three hour online workshop

In Gratitude, Mindfulness, Prayer and Giving Thanks,
with Meadow Linn
and Scott Alexander King

per person

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Scott Alexander King

There’s a saying that Scott learned from his Elder Teacher that he references a lot when trying to make sense of life and the challenges we are forced to endure at times: “Light cannot exist without the Dark, just as the Dark cannot exist without Light”. The two are intimately intertwined. The truth is, one relies upon the other, knowing that without their respective counterpart, neither would survive. Opposites in every sense of the word but, when you consider their relationship, undeniably equal in many ways. As Scott reassures his kids … “even after the darkest night, the sun MUST come up. Light has to return. Light will prevail. This too shall pass. You will be ok. You are ok”.

So, with this in mind, and despite the unprecedented challenges the past few years may have thrown at us; despite the hardships and pain we may have experienced in our personal lives, and the confusion and grief we may have been forced to endure for one reason or another, do you want to know something amazing? We all still have HEAPS of stuff to be grateful for! Heaps of stuff that are beautiful, powerful, reassuring, promising and bright.

And this is where Meadow’s very public invitation (which doubles as her personal mantra) to savour every moment comes into play! By embracing the beauty found in simple things, embracing magical moments and celebrating those aspects of life we all take for granted, we can literally change our time here on Earth by simply shifting our perception, facing life with a thankful heart, and looking at the world through grateful eyes.

A three-hour online workshop in Gratitude, Mindfulness, Prayer and Giving Thanks,
facilitated by Meadow Linn (Sacramento, USA)
and Scott Alexander King (far-north New South Wales, Australia).

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