A monthly circle facilitated by Scott Alexander King, founder and author of ANIMAL DREAMING

Shamanic CirclesStart date: Sunday May 1Buy Now Shamanic Circles–  the last Sunday of every month

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Where: THE MIRACLE STUDIO – 13 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands, Queensland, Australia

Cost: $55 pp

The first circle (Sunday May 1) will be centred on the offering of GRATITUDE, THANKS AND PRAYER by incorporating ritual into the sacred act of SURRENDER. A totally hands-on, experiential session, you will learn all about smudging, prayers of smoke, prayer-ties, prayer flags and clouties (faery ribbons) and how you can manifest positive change and miraculous healing by simply saying ‘thank you’.

About Scott: Scott was born a ZOOMANCER: an individual who divines the future of others by observing the ways and movements of the animals. He is also a Practitioner of Earth Medicine, and as such, is essentially a messenger of Spirit, an ambassador of the Earth Mother, Nature and the animals. Scott was put on his path to remind people of their inherent relationship to the planet and the world around them. “I believe”, Scott says “that by reminding people of their relationship to Mother Nature, I can help them rekindle their relationship with themselves, and in turn, their relationship with their family and friends; their wives and husbands, their mothers and fathers and their children. I find peace in knowing that when I help others find that peace within themselves, they will give themselves permission to heal on a deep and ancient level, and when they find that space, I know that – as a people – we will unite, and together we will heal our planet.”

By following his path in a dedicated way, Scott has developed a simple message that, today, sits at the core of every workshop and course he offers. That message is:

‘The Earth is our Mother and we are her children. And, like any mother, she wants us to grow, heal and unite as a people. She speaks to us every day. She speaks to using a symbolic tongue. A tongue we have long forgotten and no longer understand. That language is older than words and is presented to us in the form of animals. The animals each have a message to impart. We need to look once again to the ways of the animals, and integrate their wisdom into our lives. The animals do not make mistakes. Spirit does not make mistakes. In the natural world, there is no such thing as poverty. There is no such thing as dis-ease or illness. If we heed the medicine ways of the animals, we, too, will forget how to make mistakes. And we will never know poverty or dis-ease again. The ancients knew this ancient language. And we are being urged to remember it.’

By participating in my monthly circles, we will discuss:

What makes a shaman
• Shamanic healing
• Shamanic journey work
• Nature and nature spirits
• Spirits, spirit guides, angels and faeries
• Totem animals
• Ancestor Spirits
• The Creator
• Great Mystery
• Smudging
• Prayer, offering gratitude and giving thanks
• Shamanic journeying
• Visioning and ‘Seeing’
• Intuition
• Meditation
• The other realms
• The Underworld
• The Afterlife
• And much more

We will also explore traditional tools and ceremonial practices associated with Shamanic lore:

Dream catchers
• Drums
• Rattles
• Medicine and totem shields
• Medicine wheels
• Medicine pouches
• Medicine bundles
• And much more