clay pot drumCost: $95 p/p*

Book online here

Where: The Miracle Studio, 13 Woodlands Dve, Brisbane QLD

What to bring: a bath towel and a bucket

PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR, as this is a material-reliant event.

**FINAL Shamanic Circle for 2016**

About the Clay Pot Drum:

Our Clay Pot Drums are inspired by the Clay Pot Drums of Morocco: simple clay pots with goat hide stretched over the top. These traditional desert-dweller’s drums are similar to the Afro-Cuban bongo drum, the Indian tabla and the Arabic darbuka, and while it is basic in form , the Clay Pot Drum still captures the essence of all percussion instruments and the earth element that rules them.

The Medicine and Power of the Drum:

No matter what kind, all Drums echo the pulse of the Earth Mother’s heart. The rhythm of the Drum’s beat guides us to other dimensions, new opportunities and heightened levels of awareness. The steady beat of the Drum offers clarity and awareness and the avoidance of tunnel vision. We are often so consumed by mental and spiritual activity that we tend to neglect the tangible world, our health and other responsibilities. The Drum reminds us to tap into our inherent rhythms and to intuitively listen to what our body may be trying to tell us about our physical well-being. The Drum reinstates a sense of emotional balance, buoyancy and stability. It helps us regain a solid foothold on life and rekindle the fire in our belly so that we can make practical but long-overdue decisions potent enough to instigate powerful new beginnings. The Drum returns us to our centre; it refocuses intent and affords symbolic rebirth and renewal. It reveals our potential gifts of power, while tempering arrogance and self-importance with the grounding influence of the Earth Mother’s wisdom. The Drum stabilises our emotional body and heals physical imbalance by tapping into our DNA, retrieving our sense of identity and personal truth. The Drum’s beat is reminiscent of the heartbeat all children hear while in the womb. The power of this sound is realised audibly and vibrationally, thus realigning us on a united heart-felt level. The Drum reawakens ancient knowledge stored in the memory of all people. It nurtures us as we seek the wisdom held in store, to be remembered when we re-embrace the heartbeat of our Earth Mother. It teaches us to interpret the sacred sound frequencies that nurture memories of ancient knowledge and how to reconnect with Universal consciousness so that we may again, one day, walk as one.

About the Earth Element:

Earth is the element we feel the closest bond with. The earth is our home. It provides us with all the earthly requirements we need to live a good and productive life. The earth element doesn’t necessarily represent the physical earth, but that part of it that is stable, solid, and dependable. The earth is the realm of abundance, prosperity and wealth. While it is the most physical of the elements and it is upon the earth that the other three elements rest. Without earth, life as we know it could not exist.

Earth is the element of grounding, healing and connection. The Earth itself is considered our Mother and from her we receive abundance, nurturing and wealth. Earth is feminine and receptive in nature, protective and stable. Earth provides all that we need for our survival, and yet, can quite easily take it all away again when the other elements step in. The earth element is the most commonly used element, as it is the most familiar. Everyone has their own personal way of connecting to the earth and their own way of honouring it, by tending a garden, caring for sick animals or being someone whose job it is to control the other elements and the effect they have on her, eg: a fire fighter, a technician for the water board, an environmental scientist or a person who works for the weather bureau.