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Kids! Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys


Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys

Written by Scott Alexander King and Dr. Ralph Ballard

First published 2008

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Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys is a comprehensive reference manual for understanding our kids and learning how to celebrate the uniqueness of every child

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Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys is a comprehensive reference manual for understanding our kids and learning how to celebrate the uniqueness of every child

It outlines tangible strategies for supporting our children (especially the ones branded ‘difficult’ or ‘troubled’), explaining the underlying reasons for their behaviour and providing real and effective approaches to nurturing them physically, emotionally and spiritually, incorporating wisdom from a range of spiritual and alternative health traditions.

Learn how to see your child as an aware, enlightened being, destined to become one of tomorrow’s spiritual warriors. Hear what the drugs used to ‘treat’ today’s children have been compared to, how they dramatically hinder the health development of our children and what the long term affects may be. Discover how to support your child, how to encourage them to achieve their best and how to adapt their diet and home environment so as to avoid the problems faced in the past

“As a mother who hopes to provide her child with a holistic and healthy foundation for her intuition and energy, I highly recommend this unique, landmark publication. Scott Alexander King and Dr Ralph Ballard have provided us with an invaluable guidebook to help our new generation of warrior children understand themselves, given us tools that will help us be better parents, and shared practical, delightful ways to allow our children’s full potential to blossom, gather force and change the world in wonderful ways.” – Lucy Cavendish, author of White Magic and the Oracle of the Dragonfae Oracle

“Welcome to KIDS! – An exciting groundbreaking guide for our new paradigm children. Updated guidance is needed to understand these children and raise them to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted adults. This wonderfully refreshing and very unique approach contains a wealth of information using multiple perspectives with the intent of giving our children every opportunity to actualize their potential. In other words, to be all that they came here to be! Each category explored offers many different ways of understanding the child’s makeup and how best to support the child on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. There is a rich reference and resources guide that parents will find a great blessing. An area discussed in great detail and that requires our urgent attention is the labelling and treatment of so-called ADD/ADHD children. Symptoms are a cry for help and are indicative of an imbalance within. Underlying emotional disturbances are usually at the core of the problem. A quick-fix approach via medication can mask the core issue and potentially cut off the child’s spirit and creative potential. The KIDS! perspective will bring much relief and hope for parents as they discover that these children are gifts and not burdens. Scott brings forth abundance of information, writing with passion about his own childhood, his experiences as a primary school teacher, his knowledge of earth based traditions and as an animal wisdom messenger. Ralph’s expertise in the fields of medicine, complementary treatment modalities and esoteric wisdom completes the mix. KIDS! is essential reading for parents, children, educators, therapists and anyone interested in the future of the planet. Read this book with an open heart and an open mind. You will be richly rewarded.”
– Dr. Hanna Cyncynatus MB BS FAMAS


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