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Practitioner Level 1 – Barn Owl


Level 1 Includes:

  • Introduction to Animal Dreaming
  • Introduction to Power Animals
  • Introduction to Totem Animals
  • Introduction to trusting Your Intuition
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side – MelbourneSydney – or Perth
  • 3 Day Practitioner Introduction to Animal Dreaming – Register Here
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The Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is:

•    The culmination of nearly 20 years of Scott’s life work as a spiritual teacher, author, workshop facilitator and public speaker
•    The bringing together of all his seemingly random, unrelated workshops and courses into one unified, meaningful journey
•    The fusion of shamanic lore, wiccan tradition, totemic knowledge and animist belief into one, fundamental, Earth-based philosophy known simply as ANIMAL DREAMING

From Scott’s notes: “Although heavily imbued with traditional Shamanic wisdom, I call my path ANIMAL DREAMING: a fresh, new approach to Shamanic lore that is easily understood and integrated into today’s modern lifestyle. Although contemplating the world from the two traditional and distinct shamanic perspectives: the tangible and the non-tangible, Animal Dreaming acknowledges, but rarely feels the need to implement any customary Shamanic ceremony or ritual (as such) into its implementation. It simply asks that we live an interconnected life with the world around us – to ‘walk gently’, if you like. Following a more ‘animist’ approach, its message is simple: Look to the animals for guidance, interpret their medicine or Dreaming messages, and incorporate the acumen obtained into your life and give thanks. The animals never make mistakes and if we can heed their example, we will never make mistakes again, either.

Practitioner Level 1

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