Dancing with the Earth Devas (with The Rock Girl)

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Dancing with the Earth Devas is a three-hour online workshop exploring the Devas of the Earth – the Spirits of the Land, the Crystals, Nature and the Animals, with Allison Hayes, the Rock Girl, and Scott Alexander King from Animal Dreaming

Everything of Nature has a Spirit; a Life Force that vibrates, resonates and radiates energy. According to the teachings of the Old Ways, Trees were said to house Spirits known as Dryads, the Spirits of the Waters were called Nyads, Nymphs or Undines, the Spirits of Fire were referred to as Salamanders, the Spirits of the Air were labelled Sylphs or Sprites, while everyone is familiar with the concept of ‘Flower Faeries’.

But did you know that Crystals also have Spirits or Devas that reside within them, offering wellness, guidance and wisdom?

Well they do, and North Carolina’s own Allison Hayes, the Rock Girl, has been working with them for many years, helping people to remember their purpose, find solace and initiate healing. The Crystal Devas literally speak to her, and she inherently understands their ancient language. In similar fashion, Australia’s Scott Alexander King has become known for his work with Spirit animals, totems and the archetypal energies of animals that essentially help explain why we do what we do. As Australia’s only recognised Zoomancer, Scott is able to predict the future path of people based on the animals they have encountered along the way, while interpreting – in hindsight – the past encounters they have enjoyed physically, or in dreams, meditations and visions.

Together, they are proud to think of themselves as the Voice of Mother Nature, and during this three-hour webinar, they will demonstrate how you, too, can tune into the wisdom of the Natural World to receive messages, guidance and healing.

During this empowering webinar, these good friends and colleagues will discuss and share their personal thoughts and experiences while asking …
  • What are Devas, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings?
  • Where can then be found?
  • Do all things of Nature hold a life force?
  • All Things of Nature (including us) are essentially made of energy. As such, they hold energy, emit energy, attract certain energy, and repel certain energy.
  • Do all Things of Nature have a voice: a message? A Lesson to share?
  • Did you know the Crystals, Plants, Herbs, Flowers, Trees, and the Animals all have a Spirit that is happy to share its wisdom with those will to listen?
  • How do I hear the Nature Spirits and Devas of the Land?
  • What are Faeries? Are they really the Spirits of the Flowers and Plants?



  • North Carolina, USA: 6pm, Friday April 14, 2023
  • Australia: 8am AEST (QLD time), Saturday April 15, 2023


3 hour workshop

Turns out you can’t attend live? No problem!

The webinar will be recorded, and a link to view the recording will be emailed to you to watch the very next day!

Allison Hayes is the founder of The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School. She travels the world, offering lectures and workshops in Transformation, Empowerment, Psychic Development, Reiki, Sacred Energy and her Master Stone Program.
Visit her here: www.TheRockGirl.com

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