Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course Payment Plan

$699.00 Incl GST / month for 6 months

Apprentice under Scott!

Start date: July 3 2022
Start time: AEST 10am Sydney time
No previous experience required


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Are you ready to embark on a life-changing adventure into the deeply spiritual, mystical and inspiring world of Animal Dreaming? To an in-between place where dragons and faeries live, the animals talk, the trees have spirits and the seen and unseen realms come together in a sacred dance? Where the Spirits of the Old Ways are waiting to invite you in, to share their wisdom and enhance your life forever, and where the Earth Mother herself speaks using a symbolic language that, with practice and committed dedication, you’ll grow to understand and use?

Well, this is the World Scott Alexander King lives in. Embraced by the Ancestors of our land, adopted by Mother Nature and guided by the Animals, Scott is now officially offering the opportunity to formally join him, to apprentice under him, to learn what he knows, to do what he does, and to introduce others to his world too.

If this invitation appeals to you, then enrol online today to secure your place in the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, which formally commences on July 3, 2022.

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1 Full Payment, 6 Monthly Payments