shop icon pic - Truth Forumbuy now pic - 2015 TRUTH FORUM@ The Conscious Living Expos:

•                MELBOURNE May 1-3 Melbourne Showgrounds

•                SYDNEY August 21-23 Rosehill Gardens Event Centre

•                PERTH November 6-8 Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Ticket price: $10 pp

Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the HELP SAVE THE CAMEL FAMILY Project. For more information about this project, search Facebook and hit LIKE!

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Well, what if you had NOT JUST ONE person you could turn to for answers to questions like these – or any others that you may have – BUT A WHOLE TEAM?

What if you could take a seat in an exclusive audience, and have an open, honest and CANDID conversation with some of Australia’s leading teachers, healers, public speakers, authors, psychics AND mediums … and know – in your heart – they were going to answer you from a place of TRUTH?

Well … keep reading, because this event has pulled together a whole PANEL of such people – and they’re all going to be in the same room, for TWO FULL HOURS, and they’re going to be available to answer your questions, to chat openly, to share THEIR EXPERIENCES and help you find peace, understanding and a greater appreciation for yours.

The full list of panel members include people like GREG RILEY, MATTHEW JAMES, MARIA ELITA, SANDRAH WILSON, JULIE MCKENZIE, MICHAEL WHEELER, HEIDI JANE and SCOTT ALEXANDER KING, but depending on the festival, a panel of five or six of these amazing people will be chosen to represent the rest of the team.

The first SPIRITUALITY, CONSCIOUSNESS AND TRUTH FORUM will be in Melbourne, at the CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO on the weekend of MAY 1-3.

We look forward to seeing you there.


The TruthSayers