Student Fees

Committing to a Study Course that runs for 12 months is pressure enough without then having to stress about how much that journey is going to cost. 

Scott’s dream was to make the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course something everyone could afford to participate in, and it’s for this reason that he has taken the necessary steps to provide a number of reliable and effective ways to navigate the million-dollar question: “Can I afford to enrol in this Course?”


After two years of facilitating the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, general feedback has been that the course content should be valued at over $7000 pp.


Despite this, Scott has decided he would prefer to keep his course affordable for everyone by offering it for the low price of $4999, which words out to be $816 per level including GST.


But that’s not all! Scott also believes everyone deserves the further option of a trustworthy and workable payment plan.  Here are the options his team have put into place.

Program Cost:

Early Bird Price until April 1, 2024

One payment of $3999.00 or 8 monthly payments of $525.00.

Regular Price

One payment of $4999.00 or 8 monthly payments of $650.00.

Before booking into the Course, please familiarise yourself with Scott Alexander King’s and Animal Dreaming’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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