Student Fees

Committing to a Study Course that runs for 11 months is pressure enough without then having to stress about how much that journey is going to cost. 

Scott’s dream was to make the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course something everyone could afford to participate in, and it’s for this reason that he has taken the necessary steps to provide a number of reliable and effective ways to navigate the million-dollar question: “Can I afford to enrol in this Course?”


If Scott had listened to his advisors when it came to putting a true value on the 11-month-long Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, the enrolment fee would have been $4950 pp.


But, because Scott believes that some rules are made to be broken, he has decided to ignore his advisor’s words and to offer his first round of Apprenticeships for the greatly reduced, regular price of $3900, which works out to be just $650 per Level, including GST.


But that’s not all! Scott also believes everyone deserves the further option of a trustworthy and workable payment plan. Here are the options Scott’s team has put into place:

• AfterPay
• PayPal

Before booking into the Course, please familiarise yourself with Scott Alexander King’s and Animal Dreaming’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course Payment Plan
From: $599.00 Incl GST / month for 6 months
Start date: July 2, 2023 Start time: AEST 10am No previous experience required