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In this 2-part livestream masterclass, I will be Zooming in to The College of Psychic Studies live to teach the sacred art of smudging.

Hosted by the London College Of Psychic Studies

Learn Smudging with Intent

Whether it's smudging sage with a wild turkey feather to cleanse a room, or burning frankincense to prepare for meditation, this masterclass will teach you the most effective smudging techniques for specific outcomes.

Smudging smoke can penetrate the veil that separates our world from the world of spirit, allowing our prayers to be carried to the Creator, our loved ones in spirit, our ancestors and guides. It can also repair the aura and energise the chakras, and can invite protection and guidance from Spirit.

In this 2-step masterclass, you will learn how to smudge using different dried herbs and feathers for a variety of applications such as cleansing, manifesting and spirit communication. Scott will teach you which herbs to use, as well as which feathers will best serve your intentions.

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Scott Alexander King is Australia’s foremost animal spirit mystic, nature-inspired psychic medium and earth medicine teacher. He has seen animal spirits since he was approximately eight years old. He has an extraordinary depth of knowledge to share, and his events are as fascinating as they are revelatory.

This masterclass welcomes everyone, from animal and nature lovers to psychics and mediums to healers to shamanic practitioners. This extraordinary wisdom can be applied to yourself as well as friends, clients, loved ones and pets.

Over the 2 sessions you will learn:

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