Training To Become an Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner

The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course was designed to qualify the Apprentice in all ways to practice as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner. It embodies the Animal Dreaming philosophies and methodology of looking to nature for signs and omens, living in harmony with the natural world as a medicine person, as well as reading, teaching and healing.

The course is currently divided over six levels, with each level offering several theory-based modules (or lessons) and at least one practical component. Being that the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course is offered entirely online, Scott will personally meet via Zoom with all the enrolled Apprentices at the beginning of each level to discuss the upcoming level, and to debrief, answer questions and revisit the topics discussed during the previous level.

The Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course will demand a moderate to high level of commitment from the Apprentices, so we ask all would-be Apprentices to check in with themselves to see if they are legitimately prepared to dedicate almost 12 months of their life to their studies. We also encourage all would-be Apprentices to carefully read Scott’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS before committing to the Course.

Apprentices will be required to complete each level as each lesson is released. Apprentices will not be permitted to skip levels or lessons, or to choose the sequence of the levels or lessons. The course content will be automatically released to the Apprentices in turn, lesson by lesson, and they will be required to complete the lessons in time for the next lesson to be released.

Programs Of Study

The subjects listed are all essential core subjects of study that must be successfully completed to ensure certification of each level. Once all six levels are successfully completed, you will be eligible for insurance through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) as an Animal Dreaming Practitioner.

When the Practitioner Course is complete, you (the Apprentice) will be ready to read the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards on a professional level, read the signs of nature and the subtle energies of other people intuitively, offer healing either remotely or hands-on with the various shamanic tools and techniques taught to you, and share Shamanic wisdom as per the Animal Dreaming lineage. As an Animal Dreaming Practitioner, you will also be eligible for listing on the Animal Dreaming website under the Practitioner Directory.


Aside from a desire to learn and be part of the Animal Dreaming Community, there are no other prerequisites. A minimal level of written English is required for assessments.

equipment required

Access to a computer is required, as is access to the internet, which will allow you to communicate with the Animal Dreaming Online Community (via Facebook) and Scott, who will be apprenticing directly under. You will also need your computer to type up your assessments and to do any relevant research required to complete your assessments.
We advice all Apprentices to print out their lessons as they are released, and to store them in a 4-ring binder along with copies of all completed (and marked) written assessments, and any relevant notes that may be provided as part of the learning.
Some levels and lessons may require the Apprentice to source and supply specific materials or equipment. If Animal Dreaming is unable to provide you with the materials and other resources required to complete your lessons, there’s a very high chance everything you need will be easily sourced through your local Spotlight, Lincraft or Bunnings store. If not, Animal Dreaming will provide a list of suppliers who will stock what is needed.


All Apprentices will be required to purchase a copy of each of Scott’s titles listed below:

  • Animal Dreaming (book)
  • World Animal Dreaming (book)
  • Earth Mother Dreaming (book)
  • Cheeky Monkeys and Indigo Children (book)
  • Afterworld – the Journey of Life after Life (book)
  • Healing with the Animals (CD)
  • Meet your Power Animal (CD)
  • The Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards
  • The World Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards
  • Nature’s Wisdom Message Cards
  • The Oracle of the Innocent Heart
  • Creature Teacher Oracle Cards for Kids
  • Animal Dreaming Vibrational Essence Starter Kit
All the above titles are available to purchase
through the Animal Dreaming Shop.


All lessons, including the practical workshops, will be facilitated online, supported by pdf downloads and live zoom webinar meetings facilitated by Scott. Some lessons will incorporate video-led tutorials and downloadable audio components, which will all be supplied with the relevant lessons as they are released. Each level will contain several self-assessments, as well as various assessments that will need to be submitted via email to Scott for his appraisal.



At the completion of the Official Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course, you will be eligible for insurance with the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT As a full qualified ‘Animal Dreaming Practitioner’, you will be able to practise all aspects of the Animal Dreaming Practitioner Course on a personal or professional basis.
Please be aware that Animal Dreaming does not provide insurance for its Practitioners as we are purely an Approved Training Provider under the IICT banner. All we do is qualify you to practise the Animal Dreaming Practitioner after which we refer you to the relevant insuring bodies.

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