A 2-day online workshop

The Ultimate Guide To
Discovering Your
Authentic Self

Hosted by Brian Dale and Scott Alexander King

A 2-day online workshop

There are few questions that trigger ‘bigger emotions’ than those that invite us to look at ourselves.

It’s relatively easy to look at others and make superficial assumptions about who they are, why they’re here, and what good they may offer the world. But, when it comes to asking ourselves those same questions, the process is rarely as simple, or straightforward.

Most people, at one stage or another, have pondered their true identity, their greater purpose, and what it is that makes them unique and ‘special’ … but how many of us spend quality time putting real thought or effort into finding meaningful answers?

Sure, knowing how to answer a question like ‘Who am I?’ may appear easy (and even obvious) at first glance, but when you stop and really attempt a reply to this question, you may find that it raises more questions than it does answers. For example – ‘Who am I?’ forces us to ask … ‘Have I made the most of my inherent knowledge, skills, talents?’ and, when we add, ‘Why am I here?’, we often find ourselves wondering ‘Has my life more to offer?’

Join Scott Alexander King and his good friend of 32 years, archetype consultant, author, and teacher, Brian Dale, as they explore one of the biggest questions of all: ‘Who am I?’ in this potentially life-changing 2-day online workshop, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Discovering your Authentic Self’.

By participating in this workshop, you will:

Part A:

Part B:

About Brian

Brian Dale is an experienced archetype consultant, having trained with the Caroline Myss Institute over twenty years ago.

Since then, Brian has helped hundreds of people know, understand, and use their personal archetypes to enhance their everyday life.

A trained and qualified past life regression therapist, Brian employs the ‘Dolores Cannon Method’ of hypnosis to reveal his clients’ most relevant past life/s, while communicating with their Higher Self.

Visit Brian here: www.BrianDale.com.au

About Scott

Scott Alexander King is an author, teacher, public speaker, psychic medium, practitioner of Earth Medicine and Zoomancer: an individual that examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of other people. And as far as he knows, he’s the only Zoomancer in Australia!

Having spent almost two years training daily under a medicine elder, and with 13 publications currently on the international market, all centered on animal symbolism, totemism and spirit animals, Scott calls his path ANIMAL DREAMING – a shamanic path that directly draws upon the wisdom, symbolism and medicine ways of animals.

Australian born, Scott lives in the Moreton Bay Shire of North Brisbane, South-east Queensland, with his wife, three kids, two elderly cats, and their aging toy poodle, Puddle.

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