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What Is Animal Dreaming?

Although heavily imbued with traditional Shamanic wisdom, I call my path ANIMAL DREAMING: a fresh, new approach to Shamanic lore that is easily understood and integrated into today’s modern lifestyle. Although contemplating the world from the two traditional and distinct shamanic perspectives: the tangible and the non-tangible, Animal Dreaming acknowledges, but rarely feels the need to implement any customary Shamanic ceremony or ritual (as such) into its implementation. It simply asks that we live an interconnected life with the world around us – to ‘walk gently’, if you like. Following a more ‘animist’ approach, its message is simple: Look to the animals for guidance, interpret their medicine or Dreaming messages, and incorporate the acumen obtained into your life and give thanks. The animals never make mistakes and if we can heed their example, we will never make mistakes again, either.

People confuse the concept of Animal Dreaming with the new wave of interest directed toward Animal Communication, or the intuitive ability to talk to the animals. Although I appreciate and respect the concept, I am not a ‘horse whisperer’. I do not talk to people’s pets. I can talk to animals. We all can. But its not my strength. It’s not my medicine. Instead, I observe and interpret their tangible wisdom, demonstrated by how they relate to their kind, other species and their environment, and then integrate what they have ‘to say’ into my life. We are all animals – mammals in fact, and the understanding that we can communicate with the animals comes from the fact that we are all one. We all, ultimately, share the same thoughts. What I do looks at the wisdom of the animals from a medicine point of view. The animals understand their sacred purpose and they honour it, not to enhance their place in the world, but rather to demonstrate how we can enhance ours. The animals are tangible. They are real. Their wisdom is ancient and all embracing. When we begin to look to the animals for guidance, we begin to remember Spirit. Incorporating the wisdom of the animals into our life is as easy and as natural as breathing.

It is as simple as realising that if the Earth is our Mother, then perhaps we are her children, and just as any mother would want to see her children thrive, our Earth Mother’s love for us is no different. She supports us, cradles us and whispers her support to us every hour of every day. She speaks metaphorically. She uses symbols, and her symbols are the animals. My books, Animal Dreaming and World Animal Dreaming, were written as spiritual field guides, as interpretation manuals for the Children of the Earth Mother so that they may remember her secret language and once again look to the animals as equals, teachers, guides and healers. My workshops and seminars are offered as support to my books – to help people understand and assimilate the medicine ways of the animals into their lives on a day-to-day basis so that we may ALL heal and walk into the future united as a people. My readings, however, tap into the non-tangible realms by offering people the chance to recognise their innate animal aspect – their totems, power animals and animal spirit guides. I have been able to see, understand and interpret their messages for years, and it is with great joy that I share this ability with you.

The Dreaming

The Indigenous People of Australia speak of a ‘seed power’; knowledge deposited in the Earth by the Ancestral Spirits.

From the beginning of time, every event and every creative process that happened on Mother Earth effectively left behind a seed. This seed could be seen as a memory that permeated the Earth after the event, just as a flower leaves behind a cloned copy of itself in the form of a discarded seed. All things formed during the Dreamtime carried with them a vibrational memory that held the events that birthed that place.

Just as everything of Nature carries the memory of the events that helped bring about its Creation, so they carry the blueprint of the Ancestral Spirits whose actions helped shape the land. The memory stored within the land is what the Indigenous People refer to as ‘The Dreaming’, representing the primordial sacredness of the Earth.

According to legend, all life found on Mother Earth is interlinked by relationship and all life can be traced back to the Ancestor Spirits of Australia’s Dreamtime. The Dreamtime was the time before time – when the world was new and the Ancestor Spirits were wandering the Earth, helping to bring form to the land, the plants and the animals. While ‘Dreamtime’ describes the time when the world was new, the term ‘Dreaming’ describes the continuation of the Dreamtime in today’s world and remembering that sacred time as it still exists within the spiritual lives of Australia’s Indigenous People to this day.

As is the belief in other ancient cultures, the Indigenous People of Australia believe that everything was created from the same source; that a universal thread, which enables all things of nature to commune and interact, links everything. An unspoiled purity was radiated by the Dreamtime energies with the animals engaging themselves in the ways of The People, and The People behaving very much like the animals.

In the Dreamtime stories, it is often unclear whether the characters portrayed are human or animal in form, with the two often overlapping. During the Dreamtime one being could become another; and could assume the shape of a different being. A plant could change into the form of an animal for example, or an animal could transform itself into a landform and a landform could become a man or a woman.

Dreamtime stories were told with the purpose of illustrating how the Ancestral Spirits brought about the animals and birds. These stories helped explain the origins of the family and tribal totems which formed the foundations of life for The People.