What Type of Archetypal Are You - Scott Alexander King
According to Scott Alexander King, we are each born with the energy of one of five archetypal monkeys. These five monkeys personify the traits and qualities of the elements, directions,
and other correspondences that direct our personality, character, values, and beliefs.

By learning which of the five monkeys is personally walking with us, we become empowered and confident to embrace positive change and to take the healing steps needed to remember who we truly are.

Event Schedule

Two sessions for this event

UK times:

Session 1

Session 2

Australian times:

Session 1

Session 2

During this two-part online masterclass, Scott will be Zooming in with us from his HQ in the Australian outback to reveal the five archetypal monkeys, as well as their unique qualities and the lessons they can teach us.

First, a quiz will help you identify which of the five monkeys is walking with you. You will go on to explore the strengths and challenges of each of the five monkeys, and how these show up in your life.

Additionally, Scott will:

And you will receive:

This masterclass will be recorded. 

A recording will be emailed to participants.

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