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Working With Kids

During my years as a primary school teacher my work with kids proved very rewarding, particularly that which involved kids labelled as ‘trouble’. I clicked with these kids straight away because I recognised the anger they had pent up inside them, anger that I acknowledged as a cry for help but anger everyone else saw as disruptive behaviour – behaviour that had to be stopped, punished or suppressed at any cost.

The Capuchin Monkey – Totem of the Warrior Child

As a teacher, I quickly realised that I was particularly good with the kids the system had given up on. These were the kids diagnosed as ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD’; the kids the schools put up year after year with the hope that they would leave before they graduated and become someone else’s ‘problem’. I believe that all kids are the same inside and that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ kid. All kids need attention, praise and to be made to feel special. I found that by speaking to these kids (rather than at them), about things that interested them and in a way that showed that what they had to say mattered, the ‘trouble’ kids were actually more responsive than the ‘good’ kids. Most of these so-called ‘trouble’ kids craved one thing – attention – and it did not matter to most of them whether it was positive attention or not, so long as they got some. Negative attention was better than no attention, it seemed. So, to sit with these kids and to listen to them share their dreams and aspirations (yes, even ‘trouble’ kids have hopes and desires) as well as their fears and concerns (emotions that actually dominate these kid’s worlds), gave many of them permission to speak, often for the first time, from the heart. The shock that someone was actually taking time out just for them with no expectation, demand or pressure was so great that they immediately opened their hearts and spilled the beans on everything. They were so grateful for the opportunity to speak about what was in their hearts, their perception of the world and their place within it that their ‘tough guy’ personas shrivelled to reveal the Spiritual Warriors they truly were.

Being able to open their hearts like that was like freeing their souls. It gave them permission to celebrate who they were and what they have to offer. It allowed them space in which to demonstrate their abilities (which often included those considered extra sensory) and to harness their Personal Power. And now, after all these years, I realise that these kids were actually examples of the now famous Warrior Children . And why, despite my previous lack of experience with Warrior Children, am I so sure that these kids are Warrior Children? Because I have always seen small black and white Monkeys sitting on the left shoulder of each of these ‘types’ of kids, a Monkey that harnesses exactly the vibrational qualities of the colour Warrior. Capuchins are small Monkeys from South America. Although there are several species of Capuchin, the most frequently recognised is the White-shouldered Capuchin. The Capuchin Monkey takes its name from the Capuchin Monk, whose cowl the Monkeys’ head-colouring resembles. Considered the most intelligent of the ‘New World’ Monkeys, the Capuchin’s brain is highly developed and quite large in proportion to the size of the animal itself. These Monkeys are bred as aids for the physically disabled and are regularly employed as ‘animal actors’ in Hollywood movies due to their imagination, aptitude, self-pride, nimbleness and inquisitive personality-traits identical to those inspired in the children they represent. I have always seen the Capuchin Monkey with these particular children, but as I have intuitively seen animals with all people my whole life, I initially took little notice! I never realised the connection or the significance. I never made the link between Warrior Children and the Monkeys I saw sitting on the shoulders of the kids that were awakening right before my eyes. Like all people, no kid wants to be told what to do, not without good reason, but obviously they cannot be expected to just know what to do, either. They have to see that we are prepared to guide them, to show them, to walk with them while demonstrating how to live impeccable lives and how to walk in beauty. They have to see the world as being an authentic place, where no-one is innately perfect and where everyone experiences bouts of vulnerability. They need to be shown how to embrace their intrinsic beauty, how to nurture it and how to present it to the people as a true representation of their soul.

Although I endorse the acumen of the animals and the ancient wisdom of the Earth Mother with everything I do, the vision I hold for my future work involves integrating the knowledge I have acquired as a teacher, parent and Warrior Child. The kids today are not the problem, but rather, I feel, it is the society in which we expect them to live – the society we, as their parents and teachers, have created for them; a world that moves too fast for us, let alone our kids; a world where our kids are beginning to look to drugs and alcohol to slow things down. We need to unite and take responsibility for our kids. We need to stop drugging them up so that they may fit in. We have to rebuild society and its view of our kids by remodelling the perception we have of one another. We have to honour our kids and begin honouring them as the leaders of tomorrow and as the Spiritual Warriors that they are. We can only do this, if we take responsibility for our lives and rebuild our view and the beliefs we hold about ourselves. All kids are precious. Some of our kids are Warriors . We must encourage them, support them and ensure they become all that they were meant to be. If we don’t, we run the risk of missing out on something quite miraculous, something the Capuchin Monkey has known about for years!

The Warrior Child often demonstrates the following abilities: